A day without coffee...part 2

 While the world was sleeping, the fuel that drives the planet Earth... coffee, suddenly vanished.

The tea drinking wife has no idea the potential power of coffee. She still tries to convince the shocked husband about the ill effects of coffee. She wins, not because she is right, but because she has no challenger.
For the challenger has no fuel to drive his energies and his brain. But then, what is this, is this... yes this is revolution...

Suppressed harassed by the loss of the favorite drink, one human rises, beyond all doubts to accept the greatest challenge bestowed upon man. This is way important, way more important than right to vote, way more important than the human right of freedom, this is the fight for the corner stone of the democratic society, the right the hold your own cup of coffee early in the morning. This was a small step for the man, but a biggest leap for mankind.

Or not. The human who rose did need his coffee to take the first step.

The adventure continues on Monday when you come to your office with another cup of coffee. Can the lone human being save the last drop of coffee? Can the human race survive without coffee? What will happen next? More importantly will he wake up in the nick of time to get the primary right to hold his own cup of coffee!!!

Stay tooned to follow the laziest adventure in the history of adventures and keep the pot of coffee hot!!!!


  1. Sid, you've fast become one of my most favorite bloggers! great stuff! :)

  2. hehe...I like the eyelids of the 'coffee drinking' husband... :D

  3. Whaaat..?? A day without coffee... Are you kidding me..

    I hope to see a coffee special post on 1st October...

  4. Lol! Yea..Tea drinkers can never understand the magic of coffee! I could have never survived my early morning classes without my cuppa! O the times I have cursed the nescafe canteen guy for not opening his shop on time!!!!! He nearly sabotaged my entire day that way!!! Waiting for the next installment...if it manages to come ie! ;) :-/

  5. Back to your blog after a really long time..looks like I have lot to catch up on..I neeeeeeeeeeeeedd Coffeeeeeeeeeeeee...LOL

  6. you have been tagged


    take it forth :P

  7. Eehh another coffee addict :O
    No no the other one is not me but few of my friends :P

    hiihhihi loved the 1st one :D the crying hubby is soo funny :P

  8. Great stuff... as usual!

    A day without coffee??? Yours truly cannot even imagine it :)

  9. hey me too need coffee desperately now..:) thanks buddy 4 all yr continuous encouragement..:)

  10. My mum in my house is the coffee person =) So am i :D
    Great illustrations :D!

  11. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,ll tel my girl

  12. i was abt to make tea and now i feel like having coffee... great stuff... u made the illustrations as well?

  13. Chal be ! Aghey bada story koh! or you too want coffee to carry it forward! :-P


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