A day without coffee...Part 3

For those who joined in late:
While the world was sleeping, the fuel that drives the planet Earth... coffee,  suddenly vanished (Part 1).

The world panicked as the lubricant that was needed for smooth functioning of the planet. But one man vowed to savior the last drop of coffee (Part 2).

One follower has taken the sacred oath to protect the last drop of coffee. Thus began the laziest adventure in the history of adventure. Beware oh evil doer, you will not be spared. The villain will be now condemned to drink De-Caf forever in his life!!!

Holding the sacred coffee cup in his hand, he summons the cave in which the first coffee was made, the magical abyss which was reserved for the day the coffee was stolen.

Oh the world is saved for the ordinary man infused with reserved magical coffee power becomes…the amazing, the lazy, the mysterious

Beware oooh evil doers who hate coffee, the army of satan who stole the coffee, beware here comes…

The world really misses coffee!!!
Can the ossum man find the front door? Where is all the coffee? Can the world be saved of the caffeine addiction? Are you bored of the coffee story? Do you want a coffee to read further?

Stay tooned for another adventure in the day when the world lost coffee.

P.s. Sidoscope now loads faster than the time you take for finishing that hot coffee in your hands. Enjoy super loading speed even on lower connection.

P.p.s Do you see any change in the blog layout. 


  1. I like this coffee cartoon series :D

  2. The pictures are making it more interesting...Waiting to see if the world is saved..

  3. I like ossum man's lal chaddi. :D
    and this shade of green looks better than eariler one. :) But it's still not upto the mark.

  4. Sid, you are crazy....

    btw, your page took longer to load than it usually takes... :(

  5. Ahhh and now comes the grand finale ... or does it? Every thing hinges on one door that is not the bathroom door :P

  6. haha...i like it..
    i also like that evolution cartoon :)

  7. hey, I have an award for you on my blog.

  8. ha ha what a build up :D to the lazyiest adventures i the history of adventures :P Ossum man! Can he sport a coffee bean logo in his cheast :P

  9. Etaaaaaaa KapooooooR! sar se pao tak dikhate dikhate episode hi khatam ho gaye

  10. Why would you create a world without coffee? What's wrong with you?



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