The evolution of social networking...

A long long time ago humans used to live in caves and draw pictures to the amuse themselves. The one fine day, Mr. and Mrs. Stonehenge decided to pop into the cave of Mr. and Mrs. Stonehead

The no-good-other wise still Mr. Stonehead said, 'Its a big walk for a man, but a giant leap for womankind...' 
For that day, Mrs Stonehead and Mrs. Stonehenge started chatting with each other. They shared everything and everything, Mrs. Stonehead and Mrs. Stonehenge started competing against each other.

They cleaned their caves and toned their husbands, in their conquest for comparing with each other human race progressed.... But then, the shrewed Mr. Stonehenge decided to plot the ultimate conspiracy of all times, a conspiracy that spanned ages, that travelling millennium, a conspiracy that spanned decades, a conspiracy to get more people worship him that the God himself... he planned to shoot two birds in one shot (Mrs. Stonehenge, 'Pah, lazy man, does not want to pick up two stones') he decided to stop the competing females and also making them glued to the house, little did he know his little plan will roll over and create a world wide hysteria called.... SOCIAL NETWORKING.... true story. 

Ok, a little bit true. 

I believe its true.

Just enjoy the toons.

P.s. Ossum evolution picture in sidebar, check it out and the poll underneath.


  1. They're tweeting more than my entire race does' OMG ROFLMAO.
    Awesome Siddie!As usual your toons rock!

  2. hahahaha loved the tweety wala toon :D
    totally hillarious and very witty too :D

  3. :-t but that was sooooooo true. we are going to geeks in the future too

  4. Your mind is indeed very creative.. where do you get all these ideas from? Ah! I am not accusing of theft.. just thinking loudly :)

  5. Hahahha..Hilarious....Poor tweety....

  6. Very creative, imaginative and perceptive!! Damn good. Liked the tweety toon and it is so so very true!! :D

  7. Good stuff Sid. It s time we de addicted ourselves from so much of social networking. !

  8. hehhe :)) too good.. loved the toons !

  9. mast hai mast hai...

    Resmoke is the besht!


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