How to propose a girl in four easy steps

There are many guys out there who come to me asking for help on what is the best way to propose a girl? What should they do?

My friend once asked me if he should sing out to her on karoke night, unfortunately I said yes and to my horror and his girlfriend and another twenty people dining in the hall, he actually sung a song November Rain from Guns and Roses in the world worst voice ever, unfortunately, I was sitting in the same dining hall.

Putting the ring in the packet of bhel is not a good idea, my another friend lost a ring that way, to this day I have no clue how in the whole world can one lose a ring in a packet of bhel??

Asking a girl her caste on the first date is also a no-no, unless you are demonstrating how not to talk to a girl, in which case, you are a idiot.

So now that you know what not to do, let us begin Proposal 101, How to propose a girl in four easy steps.

*Stunts are performed by experts do not try at home. Actually do not try them anywhere.

P.s. Its a joke, not a guideline. :p, clarifying, just in case.


  1. :)) Nice one!
    I was actually wondering what tips you were gonna give.:P

  2. patt gayi tujhse ladki :P

    Bhagwaan bhala kare :D

  3. hahaha! similar to what my friend said. I guess u both think in same way :P.

  4. hehe......last step was too good... n PS.... v v good... :))

    y dont u also gv 4 steps for gals to propose guys or atleast gv hints 2them.. :P :P

    Jus kidding...:) :)

  5. That was crazy and real funny :D :D
    You and your sure to fail tips and tricks :D

    Have fun!!

  6. Good one!! I was wondering at what guidelines would be there... :))

  7. Great job this time. :)


  8. ROFL... :))

    Are those multi-colored sunflowers? ;)

  9. you could do away with the fourth step... main to patt hi jayungi, for sure... :D

  10. hahaha.last step...escapeeeeeeee...and sid bhai..u right..doctors too have their reason..anything wrong they r it is all vicious circle yar...cheers buddy:)

  11. Ha! Ha!

    The vintage Sid the 'Ravan' kid at work...

  12. Ok...
    I have one doubt sid sir....
    Is there any restriction or pattern in the flowers colors...?
    plastic flowers chalegaa kyaa?
    And can i run in south ease direction as per vasthu?
    Does this work for my ex gf too?

  13. heyyyy sis.. hahahah.. sooo sooo funnyy.. i think u r a genious in making ppl smile... u do magic with words...:) .. well done yar.>:)

    being a gal, hhah.. i smiled too much while reading this..LoL...

  14. @Priya Joyce
    The target is not larki ko patan....parantu bhaagna...:P

  15. @stuffilearnttoday
    Bola tha maine mere se salah mat le....:P

  16. @Harini
    Which friend re? he must have read on ma blog...stalker...:P

  17. @Urvashi
    /y dont u also gv 4 steps for gals to propose guys /
    Aaai Aaai Captain.... i am on a mission, a post for helping girls in dating is on its way.

  18. @Chatterbox
    Heh heh heh...but i did manage to make someone smile of it...;)

    @Shilpa Garg
    AAp ayi ho mere dwaaar pe, what can you expect??? :P

  19. @Shilpa
    Now...mere jeevan ka sarthak ho gaya,....:D

    :P those are special flowers found only at the imaginary florist i visit...:P

  20. @Chanz
    Oh you see thats why i told them to escape...:P

    @R. Ramesh
    You have to escape, koi chara nahi hai....:P

  21. @Roshmi Sinha
    I am back with my toons....:D

    @ Mahesh Kalaal
    If you use plastic flowers anyways you have to run, don't worry about direction your girlfriend is going to choose one for you...:P

    @Being Pramoda
    Enchante senorita....i am flattered...*blush**blush* glad you enjoyed it...:D

  22. Hahaha! =))

    This made me laugh so hard.!

  23. lol!
    the funniest part was the last line where you actually point out that it's supposed to be a joke!! :P

  24. hihiih how many times have you tried these soooooooo easy 4 steps?? :P

    ROFL :lol: more than the words the cartoons make me laugh :D

  25. What an idea sir ji...But it will not work definitely .Because last step main woh jo bhag ne ka sceen hai..wohi sab gadbad kardega.


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