Black Magic

We live in crazy times, people are jobless, they are penniless, crime is on a rise and yes, how can one forget, terrorism is on the rise and fall. Well, there are no limits to the horror one can face in this uncertain times, your favorite movie from the seventies is suddenly paraded with fat actresses and over acting actors. You find yourself sitting to three hours of torture into board room, if you wanted that torture wouldn't you watch Deshdrohi???

However in this uncertain times, I had to face more horror that the normal conventional horror. No, it was not a screening of 'Aag' or 'Deshdrohi' but a horrible tale of a horrible person who tried to convince me that her life was ruined by black magic and that too after a heavy dinner on a Thursday night. (well, this conversation was not welcome on any night, but I would like to exaggerate the point that it was Thursday night, implying I was in the mood of weekend)

Her life is one big parade of miseries and sadness, she suffered heavy loss in business, got divorced and tried to commit suicide. Well, obviously its a sad story and yes we all have our own baggage, but the point I am trying to make is, how modern it is to blame some black magic behind it?

I am a agnostic, who believes that yes, God exist but obviously the way we are taught about it is wrong (in fact since the day they started teaching me algebra, I have accepted that whatever I am taught is wrong) so if I don't believe in religion, should I believe that Voldemort exist and is out there to ruin my life?

Watch this video on black magic.

What are your views on this? Lets discuss!!!

P.s. The woman in picture does has some amount of control on men, but I am sure black magic has nothing to do with it.

P.p.s The day without coffee has been delayed due to strike from the Ossum man, who demands that he should be treated as equal as other superheros and not like the stupid scarecrow.


  1. Actually, my whole family and neighbourhood believes in black magic. You see, when i was a kid the guy who lives in front of my house started acted all weird and everyone got scared. Given that at that we knew all the neighbours and used to be very close we all got worried too. I dont know much details but according to my dad some did the black magic on him or something. And they after 2-3 years found it out and reversed it or something like that and now he is fine.

    I dont believe it and i m trying to find out what happened to him for 3 years.

  2. I am glad that India TV aired such a thing to dispel the myth of Black Magic, because most of the time they are the ones, who keeping airing about superstitions!!

  3. totally love this line - "(in fact since the day they started teaching me algebra, I have accepted that whatever I am taught is wrong)" lol, i second that.
    as for black magic, i think it's all hocus-pocus. my family insists that it exists but i refuse to buy that. i think it all comes down to manipulating people psychologically so that they end up believing.
    however, i have heard some first-hand accounts from ppl who have seen voodoo at work so i don't know about that... :S

  4. couldnt watch the video for reasons I don't know... maybe there is some problem with chrome now.. or my internet connection... :(

    but sid u don't have to worry okay... I am with you... and you have the support of all the people who read your blog (and even those who do not)... we have no problem in calling you a superhero, you are one but let us see you fly over the buildings (we dont mind pushing u off that big one round the corber)...oh, did I say that too loud..


  5. in fact since the day they started teaching me algebra, I have accepted that whatever I am taught is wrong// Nice and still you learnt it na? :P
    I dono if anything as balck/white magic exists but i think where there is +ve there has to -ve :D

    Now u decide whether you believe in +ve or not if you do hmm be assured therez -ve too :D

  6. I didn't see the video but I have my own ideas about black magic and stuff.Everyone knows about African voodoo magic which has been found to be quite authentic.And all of us know how developed Indian tantra shastra is...
    No doubt fake dhongi babas abound in our nation but there might be a handful of people who have actually attained that level of spiritual power that can be exercized on others.

  7. I'm still lost in my thoughts..:)..good post sid..:)

    Btw, whr r u? in pune sill?

  8. there is no such thing as black magic ... but its still quite dangerous for both believers n non-believers cause people go over the board on their beliefs .. last year there was a news that a fellow killed his both sons , hacked em to dozens of pieces n was insistent that they can be brought back to life

  9. My goodness! India tv is such an attention seeker na? Its high time India comes out with quality news channels. All this awareness and all is ok but look at the quality of news they provide otherwise. As for the black magic my distant uncle was amazed to see my appetite for food coz i use to barely eat and he suggested my father to call a black magician :|


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