How to ru(i)n a Government, the Indian way!!!

When the first man was made on earth, he was free to do as he could and roam as he could. Instead he quietly made a porch of mud for him, collected some stones him around and dozed off on his rock-bed. 

God got angry on seeing this, because the man was send on the earth to do some task. Hence he created a second man, the second man saw the first man sleeping and made a higher bed near him and slept. 

God then send down a girl between them, she saw both of them dozing off and said, 'Whoever makes me comfortable bed, I will make them happy.'

Both men suddenly woke up and ran here and there to collect things that could comfort her. They rammed down trees, mountains, dried rivers to build a castle. Thus humanity progressed.

Then came the era of kings and queens, where one man was chosen as the king over all. We are exactly not sure where it started but they say, earlier they drew straws to whoever was the chosen loser among them and make him responsible for bad things happening.

The era progressed and king became more powerful over the minds of people. He started treating them as slave as a revenge for his torture. This caused the people to over throw kings and thought of democracy. A peoples rule. The democracy. 

The good thing about democracy is, any loser can become the king over the wealth, health of people. Bad thing is, they always do. Do you want to ru(i)n a Government? Go on this is  a guide for people like you. 

So presenting, How to Ru(i)n a government, the Indian way!!!

Note/ Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This article is not meant to disrespect any individual, group of individual or any one sensible.

The moral of the story for whoever is listening is, please stop the blame game and the I rule-me rule game.

Earlier we had Mugul Government, then we had British Government, after Independence we had Congress Government, we had BJP Government so far, the problem is, since last 10,000 years we never had an Indian Government.

While standing in the queue for getting a domicile for Indianess, someone asked me, 'Who are you?' 

Confused I asked him what?
He said, 'Are you a Hindu, Muslim, Christian minority? Are you a open, OBC or SC/ST? Are you a Dalit? Are you a Marathi, Punjabi or Gujarati? Are you a congress supporter, BJP supporter or Shiv Sena supporter?
Who are you?' He asked.

I simply replied, 'Indian'

But then I realized, how many of me are here? 

Because an 'Indian' is a minority in India!!!!


  1. Hmmm! Good one.Tere female bashing bakwason se kai guna accha hai! :-P

  2. So very true..

    All I could say to the world is, "WELCOME TO INDIA"

    What to change?? who to change?? How to change??

    Got any ideas??

  3. The last line is so true. All people care about is your caste blah blah. We forget we all belong to one country. This division helps the politicians to rule.

  4. dude..u know's not fun it's the truth :(
    actually spkin if ter wer no government nd just a certain judiciary n rules ovr us i wonder hw thngs wud have been..bettr or worse!
    ws nice to read

  5. @mani
    Oh man... yeah this time i did government bashing :P

  6. @Raji U
    Well for one we should begin with us, you cannot change the system, but you can change you? can't you?

  7. @Phoenixritu
    Awesome! Do share, I need readers!!!

  8. @Harini
    They are using the divide and rule policy to split us and unfortunately we are getting split.

  9. @Priya Joyce
    Yeah, sometimes I think, even if the brits were there we wud b fine, atleast we could blame someone else to it

  10. @Durga
    Thank you, Madam,
    welcome to Sidoscope

  11. @magiceye
    Thank you,
    welcome to Sidoscope

  12. Ha ha liked it :) I loved the option of Diplomatic silence, but didn't choose it :)

  13. @Indianhomemaker
    that is why you are fit to be a citizen...;)

  14. Well, you surprised me today... I mean, I was expecting something extremely crazy in the end, like you always do.. But this time, the pride in being an Indian made me smile..

    Love your post Sid..

    and I am so glad to read your post after a long time.. I missed reading it..

  15. @Chandz
    Glad, even after so many days I manage to surprise you...:D

  16. wow..That is so true..You know..The Indians should get some reservation...:)..may be they will give us 0.0000876%.
    Nice pictures :)


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