The Red Crayon

This post has been published for a great contest called My first crush! organized by pringoo and blogadda.

I used to sit on second bench in my class third, for I had a crush on R, the girl who sat on first bench. I used to sit staring at her during nearly whole day, just hoping she would look at me (that explains the reduction in marks during that year). Was it crush? I do not know, but I definitely had the youngest heart break in the history of heartbreaks.

She was cute, with piggy tail and little frock and a great smile. I used to think her of Shri Devi (the actress) who was my favorite back then.

And then one fateful day, I got out of the rickshaw, kicking a boy in his face (which was my habit as I liked kicking him and pretend it was accident, a habit which made me land in principles office three months later) and I walked towards the classroom, little did I know that fifteen seconds later my heart would pound like the engine of a big monster truck ramming all the vehicles of lesser beings into a pulp and paving the road to future.

In a bizarre turn of events, the universe had finally decided to call shots on me and the class teacher had shuffled the class and as fate would have it, she was my bench mate. I definitely remember dancing on my way home that evening, but thats later.

With a unfading smile on my face I walked towards the bench and sat besides her. She was sitting there, apparently upset with the seating arrangement as her old bench mate H (!@#$%^&*) was separated from her.

Still determined to win her friendship, I sat next to her and made conversation, we were recently taught English letters, so I thought it would be cool to talk in english,

'Hi,' I beamed at her, then realized it is a bad idea to talk in English with her as she was class topper in the subject. 

'Hey,' she gave a total fake smile, not happy sitting next to a loser.

That was the only bit of conversation happened between us for a long time. We shared the bench together and she thwarted off all my friendship attempts towards her. 

Finally I did managed to talk to her one day. 

As universe was keen on making me her friend, and so on a fateful day, unknowingly, my mom gave me churmure (puffed rice) in small tiffin (I had two tiffins for two breaks, small and big) and guess what she liked them. It was her favorite dish. Then what, armed with this revelation, everyday I brought them in tiffin for next three months. (My mom still thinks I used to like churmure very much)

Our friendship was not like the way I expected but I was happy to know I did make friends with her. Then by the end of the year, an incident happened that changed our life forever.

After a year of many multiple unsuccessful attempts, using all the tricks in the books possible, I had finally come to the point when she turned to me and said,

'Can I borrow your red crayon?'

It was the drawing period she was busy drawing an apple, halfway through the picture she realized she had no red crayon with her. That made her turn to the next best possible source, ME.

I gladly handed over the red crayon to her and walked home beamed and with pride on my face. My mission was complete, we were finally friends.

But then, Universe decided this was not good, she left school next year, never to be seen again. This was the youngest heart break in the history of heartbreaks.

I did see her again, sixteen years later... that brings us to... last month. There are some stories you tell, some you don't tell tell, what happened last month is a story that you don't tell.

She never returned my red crayon.


  1. buddy thanks a tonne ya...nayak stays in airoli and also writes sports news in newspapers like TOI...he will be too glad 2 meet u...take care best wishes always:)

  2. The poor you never got your crayon back. So chad na :P.

  3. Very nice :)
    You've wonderfully portrayed the innocent moments of childhood friendship and those sweet gestures that become a wonderful memory to be cherished for a lifetime :)

  4. hehe, parts of that made me lol. cute story... but you've sparked off this curiosity to know what happened last month.. :P

  5. Well... for want of a red crayon...

  6. wow..its cute n sweet...n c the color she asked for "RED"...;) :) :)

  7. You bully you..:) kicking hapless young boys in Std.3..admitting to it now...;) But what are the chances that the red crayon is in a box of memories that your Std.3 crush kept for you(think yash chopra/johar)..more likely, is that she looked at you and said, Ohhhmygawwd how much you have changed..have you met my husband/boyfriend? ;)is that what happened Ravan? ;)

  8. @R. Ramesh
    Thanks sir, I will meet him one day

  9. @Harini
    She stole it, I did tell her that last month, she kept laughing

  10. @Shankha
    Thank you,
    Welcome to sidoscope

  11. @Chatterbox
    It is a memory of life time for sure...:D

  12. @Mehak
    What happened last month my dear was the worst experience of my life. Will not tell anyone what happened. :D

  13. @Roshmi Sinha
    The red crayon is a metaphor re for something else. :D

  14. @Urvashi
    You are optimistic aren't you?

  15. @Journomuse
    //You bully you.. kicking hapless young boys in Std.3..admitting to it now...
    Well... i did admit to the principal when she asked me after slaps. :P I was not a bully he was, i simply kicked him.

    //But what are the chances that the red crayon is in a box of memories that your Std.3 crush kept for you(think yash chopra/johar)..
    Well it isn't, i asked her, she didn't even remember it :P

    //more likely, is that she looked at you and said, Ohhhmygawwd how much you have changed..
    Yes she did do that...:D

    //have you met my husband/boyfriend? is that what happened Ravan?
    It was worst than that boss...:P

  16. That was a beautiful tale! :)


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