Things I did not do till now!!

The list is moving quite a lot and its interesting. So here it is, Things I did not do it till now,

I was honest to the best of my knowledge. Or was I? o_O

   1. Graduated high school.
   2. Kissed someone.
   3. Smoked a cigarette.
   4. Got so drunk you passed out.
   5. Rode every ride at an amusement park.
   6. Collected something stupid.
   7. Gone to a rock concert.
   8. Helped someone.
   9. Gone fishing.  (And caught a lobster and ate it. Wuu Huu)
  10. Watched four movies in one night.
  11. Lied to someone.
  12. Snorted cocaine.
  13. Smoked weed.

  14. Failed a subject. (Oh yeah and proud of it)
  15. Been in a car accident. (I s'pose running over a man counts as one right?)
  16. Been in a tornado. (I wish!!)
  17. Watched someone die. (I am scared of Blood)
  18. Been to a funeral.
  19. Burned yourself.
  20. Run a marathon. (Lazy and Proud)
  21. Cried yourself to sleep.
  22. Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day.
  23. Flown on an aeroplane.
  24. Cheated on someone.
  25. Been cheated on.
  26. Written a 10 page letter. (who the hell does that now?)
  27. Gone skiing.
  28. Been sailing.
  29. Cut yourself.
  30. Had a best friend.
  31. Lost someone you loved.
  32. Got into trouble for something you didn’t do.
  33. Stolen a book from the library.
  34. Gone to a different country.

  35. Watched the Harry Potter movies.
  37. Fired a gun. (Army camp, the best memories of my life!!)
  38. Gambled in a casino. (And should I add, Won!!!)
  39. Been in a school play.
  40. Been fired from a job.
  41. Taken a lie detector test. (I wish not, I got to carry many secrets to my grave)
  42. Swam with dolphins.
  43. Voted for someone on a reality TV show.
  44. Written poetry.
  45. Read more than 20 books a year.
  46. Gone to Europe.
  47. Loved someone you shouldn’t have.

  48. Used a colouring book over age 12.
  49. Had a surgery.
  50. Had stitches.

  51. Taken a Taxi.
  52. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once.
  53. Been in a fist fight.
  54. Suffered any form of abuse.
  55. Had a pet.
  56. Petted a wild animal.
  57. Had your own credit card & bought something with it. (Have cards, do not use it)
  58. Dyed your hair.
  59. Got a tattoo.
  60. Had something pierced. (Afraid of Blood again)
  61. Got straight A’s.
  62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.
  63. Taken pictures with a webcam.
  64. Lost something expensive. (My first expensive phone, bloody Delhi)  65. Gone to sleep with music on.

Would you like to do this tag? Then I tag you. Go on do it.


  1. you have not smoked so far?

    flown a plane - they mean a real one and not the toy one :P

  2. Never been cheated on!!?? Wow!! :)

  3. 41. Taken a lie detector test. (I wish not, I got to carry many secrets to my grave)


  4. @Neha Silam
    you have not smoked so far?
    I pretend i have not... those memories are for past not to b seen again...:D

    flown a plane - they mean a real one and not the toy one
    Oh I thought it meant travelled in the plane... na I did not drive it re, but i travel only.

  5. Never been cheated on!!?? Wow!!
    Not to my knowledge and I don't want to know it...:D

  6. @Deepa
    They are true to the best of my knowledge...:D

  7. Hmm..hey hey...those words in strikeouts are more fascinating..write more of such ..:) hehe

  8. Before taking this test, you should take the lie detector test..such such batao...:)

  9. Kaafi sudhre hue ho!
    lagte nahi ho :P

  10. never had stitches..?? Havent u ever fallen down as a kid...

    Well, thats actually good... But trust me u r the first guy I know who has never had stitches..

    and u have a tattoo..


  11. OHHHH!! U ate lobster?? fresh or cooked :S?!
    Loved this tag so much sid! ;))

  12. i second priya...
    kaafi sudhre huye lagte ho :P
    waise i like this.. plannin to take it forward ;)
    lets seee...

  13. @Priya aur Meggie
    Yaar main toh saachi bolta rehta hoon main innocent sa baccha hoon... people don't believe me... shyaa!!!

  14. @Chanz
    I call myself Unbreakable :D never got myself stitched...:D

    Yup i have fallen down many times, even been in an accident but a motor but nothing more than few scratches.

    and I have a tatoo too, something on a not so mentionalable part of my body...:P

  15. @Shruti
    //OHHHH!! U ate lobster?? fresh or cooked :S?!
    Eeks... obviously cooked, but I caught one. I even got a fishermans boat, if you ever wanna visit Goa inform me, we go fishing. :D

  16. @Pramoda
    ha ha ha.... why don't you take it as well...:D

  17. @Dil
    aaaw.... nai nai nai... no no no...:P i told got to take many secrets to the grave...:D

  18. Nothing bad ever happs to you,siddo! *sniffles*! :P


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