The God: Year One.

“You are good man,” Abdul Khan smiled glancing at the papers in his hand.

“And I expect you to be one too,” Rashid smiled, “I expect a lot money for these.”

“Indeed,” Abdul Khan looked gravely, “Indeed. You gave me the documents as you promised and I give you the money I promised.”

“You are brilliant man, but a careless nonetheless,” Rashid said, “You live in this small room and it’s not a nuclear secret that you keep your valuables in that safe. If any burglar happens to steal in the room…”

“Then he won’t be able to steal anything,” Abdul smiled, “That safe is the work of our few brilliant scientist man. Come and see,” he drew the curtains apart.

The safe was small painted green with no dials or markings. Just like a green block of metal.

“Any idea how this is opened?” Abdul smiled.

“You tell me,” Rashid scratched his head, “I don’t see any control panel on this safe.”

“Because the control panel is inside the safe,” Abdul grinned.

“I clearly misjudged you, this is the most sophisticated technology I have ever seen,” Rashid said, “But then how do you open this?”

“This safe identifies the vocal patterns, it is voice triggered and only my voice is its password,” he smiled, “Genius isn’t it? A gift from some of our friends with same interest”

“Indeed brother,” Rashid clapped, “But the password must be discreet or you might open it accidently.”

“Come I’ll show you,” Abdul stopped below near the safe and spoke in a clear voice, “Destroy Delhi.”

The safe hissed open and the door slid apart, revealing a control panel and a LCD screen.

“You see this is the second level of entrance, there is another secret password to open it and this time the password uses different patterns of alpha-numeric combination,” he sneered.

“Brilliant,” Rashid smiled, “But if you forgot the password?”

“Not a chance. The password is 16th December,” Abdul said typing the words, “Can’t forget the wounds given to us by India, can we?”

“Indeed,” Rashid smiled, “So you have the ballistic missile technology the Indians are building and I get my cash. If fate permits we together can take over this blasted country once and for all.”

“If I find more people like you,” Abdul smiled throwing cash on him, “Our dream will be fulfilled.”

Abdul glanced at the papers on the desk; slowly he turned each paper to take a good look at them. He knew the high command would gift him a lot for these secrets, he was definately the best spy sent behind the enemy lines. It was a pity that people like Rashid where there in the country, who would betray their own kind for money. Dogs, indeed they serve well for his purpose. Another week of infiltrating the Indian defense and he is done.

The last sheet was blank with only a sentence written on the center.

‘You are judged in the courtroom of God and found guilty’

Pondering over the cryptic message he walked towards the door, when a sharp hit knocked him cold. Everything was black.

Abdul eyes opened drizzly and he felt his hands and feet numb. Rashid sat near his safe sorting the documents inside it.

“I’ll kill you man,” Abdul cursed and struggled to get free.

“You will hurt yourself Abdul,” Rashid said coldly, "Those ropes are used to tie wild boars when they are hunted, useful concept used by the kings of India since ages."

“Why did you betray me?” Abdul asked, "I paid you well."

“You worked for your country,” Rashid smiled, “I work for mine”

“You kafir! Rashid,” Abdul spat.

“Don’t involve God in between us,” Rashid said, “For I am God myself, Dev Chaddha.”

“You…” Abdul glanced at the figure in horror. The criminals biggest fear, Dev Chaddha was sitting in his front in flesh, “You are Dev Chaddha?”

“Oh yes, the one and only Dev Chaddha,” Dev smiled reading the documents in his hand, “Wow, you definitely got some collection here. I must flush a lot of moles in our government offices.”

“I know you, spy, You are just like me, you are not the official force, you are an ordinary burglar,” Abdul spat and struggled to get free.

“A burglar who has just hit the jackpot,” Dev flipped the pages and carefully stuffed them into his side bag, "I told you, you are careless."

“You should be charged, felony, burglary and many more crimes,” Abdul barked.

“Indeed,” Dev smiled and blew a whistle, “So do you, Abdul aka Kaka Pandey aka Mahender Singh and many more.”

“So you know a lot,” Abdul clenched his fist.

“I’ve been following you since a month, Abdul, you have been traced and every moment monitored,” Dev said.

“Then why did you not arrest me? Why wait today?” Abdul asked.

“Why do you think? The safe!! I tried to open it twice while you were sleeping but realized it was locked with your voice. I had a small microphone kept beneath it last night, to record the password in your voice,” Dev smiled finishing his act as the police sirens blazed the area, “My work is done. He is all yours officer.”

The police entered the room and dragged the fallen spy outside.

“What will you charge him against?” Dev asked the officer.

“Felony, conspiracy, what else?” the police officer said.

“Murder. The widow of Kaka Pandey can testify. Murder of a government employee,” Dev said and simply walked out of the room.

"I will kill you man...," Abdul said as he was dragged away by the police officers.

"... and so will thousands of your allies," Dev smiled and vanished into the darkness.

He sipped hot coffee just like normal men do. He saw the sun rise, just like normal men do. But he knew, he was not a normal man at all. He was called the ‘God’, and was the one man army against all crime. Dev Chaddha looked into the mirror and smiled. Now thirty he still contained the charm, he had when he was in his twenties. The dark wavy black hair sheltered a thick skull, which many criminals wanted to hit. A short designer shirt and dark blue denim was his dress code at work. This was completed by a red side bag which had space for a lot of advance gadgets and weapons. The criminals called him ‘daitya’, the demon, for his ways of attacking them were always unpredictable and remorseless.

He did not socialize much, he had no postal address. He was the dark vigilante outside the law, the last court of appeal when the justice was delayed.

He was God, the guardian of the door of law at which all injustice came to an halt.

This story is based on the character I created for a series of Novel called 'The God'.  

I have started a new webcomic, Holy Cow for all the comics and humor fans. Come join me there and together we can fight boredom in his own house.


  1. Wow! When does your book get published? This is one thriller I want to read

  2. mast tha,..
    do we have a sequel coming up??

    it was as good as a thriller!

  3. A nice read... waiting for more. Is there a Krishna imagery involved here???

  4. well-written. i enjoyed this.

  5. Mast ahe... Majja ali...

    Dev Chhadda? Was this a tribute of some sort to Tavish?


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