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In the movie 'The dark knight', Joker tells Batman, 'You complete me'. What good is a hero, if he has no equally strong opponent to beat? Batman clearly has the hardest of them to beat down, but there are many heroes and even deadlier villains out there to beat the superheroes.
Today I am reviewing, top ten super villains I read in my life time with a brief profile about each one of them for those who have not read them. If you do not read comics, do read this list and I am sure you will agree with me that comics rocks.

Point to note: Even thought most of them have debuted in the movies, I am using their comic references and taking in account only those comics which I have collected.
1. Galactus
Who can be the biggest villain that God? Galactus is the world eater and he consumes the planets to fulfill his hunger. Galactus is considered one of the five essential entities within the Marvel Universe alongside Eternity, the personification of the universe, Death, Infinity and Oblivion. Galactus is the only creature left from the previous universe that existed before the big bang.
Galactus is big, he cannot be killed. In one small story I read on-line, he is responsible for the end of current universe, causing the second big bang.
So this unstoppable ultimate killing God makes it to the top #1 in my Super villains list.

2. Lex Luthor 

Genius, ex-president, criminal mastermind, businessman, sociopath. Lex does not have any super power, but still gives a tough time to the big boy blue (a phrase he refers to Superman). He has superior intellect and is pure ruthless among other things. When he was finally beaten and broke, he carried a cryptonite in his pocket for years waiting for chance to kill superman.
Don’t get on his bad side. If you do, you can bet you won’t last long. No superman movie was complete without Lex.
For beating the big boy blue without any super powers again and again, Lex joins us on #2
3. Magneto

The best friend and the best enemy of Professor X in the X-men. Abused by the German, this polish boy will stop at nothing to make sure all the humanity bow down to the rule of mutants. Adding to the fact that he is arguably one of the most, if not the most powerful super beings in the Marvel muntantverse, Magneto is one of the greatest, tortured villains of all time.
And yes, if you are at it, watch the legendary fight between Magneto and Apocalypse in X-Men Evolutions, Season 3 finale and Season 4 beginning.
Twisting the metals around, Magneto join the top-three super villains of all times.

4. Joker

Joker misses the top three slot in my list, only because of Mutants and Gods, other than that Joker is completely mad.
Pain, morality, logical thinking, and every other normal human trait go out the window when one thinks of the Joker. He plot things which Batman says (in 'The killing Joke') that his plan makes sense only to him, in some crooked logical sense. He shows his lifetime ambition is beating the batman, because he goes man in the series Batman R.I.P. when Bruce Wayne dies.

5. Dr. Doom

He is nearly as genius as Lex Luthor, add to that the power of the dark arts and black magic, Victor Von Doom is one hell of a villain. The ruler of Latveria is one of Marvel comic’s greatest foes. He is the primary enemy for Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) and will stop at nothing to see him dead and humiliated.
He however rages a war against Akhenaten, the resurrected Pharaoh of Egypt, because Akhenaten kills Reed in the series 'Marvel: The End'

6. Venom

The maniacal, powerful parasitic alien is one of the most feared super-villains in Spider-man. Venom is not a person, but a parasitic creature in the form of a black costume, which attaches itself to the wearer enhancing the senses and strength of the host.
Because it has attached itself to Spider-man once, it knows his real identity, his weakness and the worst, he can escape the spider sense, making him very powerful villain.

7. Darkseid

Darkseid is a God from the DC Universe, he is not as powerful as Galactus, but if we have to compare him with Marvel universe, he is strong equivalent to Thanos (The arch-enemy of silver surfer and the lover of Death, his rank is 11th in the list of super-villains)
Darkseid is lord and ruler of the planet Apokolips, a grim wasteland of a planet that, from the comic reader’s perspective, usually looks like a giant furnace, Grey metal exteriors with pits scattered about its face from which eternal fires burn. Darkseid rules his planet completely. His word is law. It may not be the most inviting place to live, but it’s his and that’s all that matters. Apokolips is a place where warriors are bred to win at any cost and the very ideas of honesty and trustworthiness are mythological concepts.
He has entered into the legendary duel of survival against Galactus (in a Marvel-DC crossover) I will review it later on.

8. Ra's al Ghul

How can one forget, the immortal one? When I say immortal, I literally mean immortal. Ra’s has lived for an incredibly long time, beating death with the use of his Lazarus Pit. His incredible intelligence and abilities in martial arts and swordsmanship makes Ra’s a formidable opponent, worthy the title of super villain.
He makes a very challenging opponent to Batman and has more than once, defeated 'The Detective' (Batman). His purpose is to save the world, but at the expense of humanity.

9. Green Goblin
The green-goblin was the most horrifying nemesis of Spider-man of all ages. He is as mad as the Joker in batman, but is far more worst. He has known the identity of Spider-man for ages and has taken the battle personally, by killing Gwen Stacy and kidnapping Aunt May on more than one occasion.
It was never established if Norman was killed, because he resurfaces in Europe and decides to attack his enemies one by one.
The best story ever read on Green Goblin is the 'The death in the family' where he mentally tortures Spider-man to kill him, ending the misery once and for all.

10. Apocalypse

En Sabah Nur (The First One in Arabic) is one of the early mutant in the world. He is born in Egypt during the First Dynasty (around 3000 BC) and abandoned by the then world who knew no mutants. For a complete millennium he has traveled the world seeking things which will empower him making him the most powerful mutants of all time.
He sees himself as the ruler of the world as the first mutant in the world and hence is also in the bad books of Magneto, who shares same ambition.

The only problem about this villain, I don't like is the character, its too loud. His first messenger, Mesmero, was much more frighting with the hooded tattooed face than him.

This ends my top ten lists of Super villains of all time. If you are a comic book fan, I am sure you will disagree with this list, as I have not included Braniac (Superman), Thanos (Silver Surfer), Dr. Octopus (Spider Man) Bane (Batman, but Bane was the part of this list in top 5, but then two villains per super hero was a limit I wanted to enforce on the list to give others a fair chance)
If you are a comic book fan, I would love to hear your top three villains. If you are not, I hope I have created enough enthusiasm for you to pick up a book, you can also share the top three villains of all time you have seen in movies or tele-series.


  1. cool... my hubby is a huge comic fan... will let him know abt your post

  2. Good one! I loved joker and green goblin! :)

  3. I still don't want to read comics... nice try sid, but sadly u couldn't change my mind... :P

  4. Hey..learnt many things frm this.. i didnt know all these as i was not a fan of comic books..:(..nice to know more abt them this way.

  5. i would place apocalypse much higher as most of the xmen stories always seem to be going towards his coming n end with him only

  6. Ah many of my favorite villains are included. But how come you forgot Darth Vader? He is one of the best ever since he used to be a good guy before he crossed over to the dark side.

  7. Loved the list. I am a crazy comic book fan too (you already know this) :) Joker is my most favourite villian. And agree with sammy.. you left out Darth Vader. I like him too

  8. joker should have been the number one. then goblin. then venom. then luthor. THEN galactis. he shouldnt be the number one just becouse he is the most powerfull, if the joker or luthor had his might, god save em all.
    but also vader shouldn't be up there, becouse he turned good before he died. also he was only doing comic villians. if anyone from star wars should be up there, it should be palpatine. becouse a villian doesnt have to be a physicall bad ass to be a villian (cough luthor cough). palpatine decieved the entire galexy. vader followed, then turned "good". aaaaaaaaaaaalso palpatine was modeled after hitler/nazi's so im pretty sure thats villinous.

  9. also where's hulk ? i meen he's not always a villian but he has taken on almost every hero in marvel during world war hulk. including iron man and black bolt and all the avengers/fantastic four.
    if youre going to go off power alone, hulk should be up there not apacolypes.

  10. Hey, first of all, I would appriciate if you could put down your name and/or link you twitter/blog/facebook to it so I can know who u r...

    Second, thanks for your valuable inputs, yes agreed on many points, but u see this was supposed to be Super villian top ten which I made...obviously everyone view would b different

  11. I did not include any star wars characters up there cos frankly its not a comic, i dont see it as a comic.
    Also if you read the End series, u will see why I like galactus as number 1.

    Joker/Luthor are pure villians while galactus is God. I like that


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