When God Created the Man....

One fine day as it happens, the big guy, sat down with his poker buddies for a barbecue. Now, his buddies were already weary of him, as he always won the poker round, no matter how the cards were distributed. So he decided to win their hearts by humoring them with his most amazing creation so far.

'So you see guys,' he smiled, 'This is a man,' he said, 'The most amazingly confusing species of all time.'
The poker buddies stared, 'I present you Manush...'
'From the top to bottom, every part of his body is laced with confusion. Here we have the tongue, a organ that determines the taste of food. But, picture this, this species will like only those food which are harmful for the body.'

The friends laughed out loud, 'Geddit? Geddit? so he will have to remain conflicted in choosing his appetite forever. Whichever things he likes, are going to harm his body. We are going to have a lot of fun watching forever...genesis hi-fi,'

After a Hi-Fi with his buddies, he continued, 'Now see this? the body hair, all the species in all the globe, have this to help them protect from cold. So of-course, I need a cold planet to accommodate them, I am still working on it.'

'Now here we have the color, this species will always be conflicted with the color, self-assuming that a certain color will give them dominance over others. Not knowing, that the color of their creator is....'
A loud roar erupted from the slowest friend of the group and everyone laughed at the slow member of the group.
'Now, get this, the species will always think that brain is the most important part of their body, forgetting that it is the brain which is telling them so.'

God started laughing loudly causing thunderstorms on Earth, the whole planet shook. The jokes were so hilarious that the great cook of God started laughing and the barbecue stand shook, causing some fragments towards the earth.

The fragments of the barbecue pelted towards the planet and mixing with the atmospheric belt turned into large meteoroid shower. The shower burned the planet earth as we know it, wiping out the dinosaurs completely.
'Oopsie,' God looked below and shrugged, 'That solves my accommodation problem with these new species, now that the damage has left the top of food chain room vacant on Earth, I will sent them there.'

'So now, blood vessels. The thinking organ of their body is the brain, it needs blood to work. In the male species, I have added another important part, the penis, it also needs blood to work but...'
The God paused, giving a dramatic effect to his sentence, '... but, I have only put enough blood for only one of them.'

The whole group laughed loudly causing the earth to rumble once again.
'...and now, behold, I present you the ass. The strong foundation rock on which I build my empire.' God said, 'Generations later, male and female species will hold this ass and remember me, offering me prayers, worship me holding this.'

He smiled in the Godly fashion and there was light, which set the man free to his beautiful earth.

The story doesn't end here, little did God know that this little creature will one day rule his planet earth in such a way, that even God feared to step down on it.

True Story.
Note: The part about the ass has been borrowed from Jeff Murdoc from Coupling.

P.s. This is just a joke, there is no socio-political-economical-religious-idiotic message in this story, if you find one hidden, eat mint and drink cola, stop thinking.

P.p.s. Manush is a Sanskrit word for human being which was derived from first human being on planet, Manu, from which originated the English word, Man.


  1. cynical god :D ... funny stuff

  2. cynical god :D ... funny stuff

  3. I always did believe God had a twisted sense of humor .....

  4. yet another funny post from you...

    Visit this link to accept your awards..


    --Someone Is Special--

  5. Hahaha that's freaking cool man. Did you write it your self?

  6. wonderful imagination in the first half....
    take my bow for that...

  7. @Naveen
    I always knew, God was cynical!!!

  8. @SIS
    thanks man.... I will collect it soon!!!! :D

  9. @Chip
    Obviously... i write the whole post myself...I do use my brain thought....:P

  10. @Mahesh
    Gracious.... Thanku thanku....:D

  11. ROFL God sounds like The Mask when he says 'oopsie' after eradicating the dinosaurs.
    Typical Siddie humor in this post. :)

  12. i liked the line - forgetting that it is the brain which is telling them so

  13. I need to talk to my Geo teacher who taught me wrong about the Meteoroids......now i knw the Gods were having a BBQ up there ;P

  14. If people are taking this story seriously, they need to do more than eat mint and drink cola- they need to jump off a cliff.

  15. What imagination! Look at the craziest species on earth and you'd have to admit that the Creator had to have a sense of humour! Thanks for the good laugh :D


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