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Goodbye world. I stand here at the brink of my destruction. Everything I owned, everything I lived for, has gone crashing down in front of my own eyes in last few days. I see them laughing, giggling, dancing and merrymaking on my expense while I sit here chained, guarded by the wary guardian who is now assigned to keep an eye on me.

I do not know what to do, I can run away now, but how far will I go until they catch me? And once they do catch me how are they going to react?

I can see them talking about me like I am a object, like a lion kept in the zoo. They stare and me, they tease me, they mock me. They are gobbling food like a pig making me watch. Oh the cruel human ways of torture. In this state they have taken pictures of me, which they will be showing forever and ever and torture me even more. I do not even know when this will end and I know it won't end in this lifetime.

I was the lion of the jungle, I used to walk freely, stalking, making friends, flirting and now they have caught me, tamed like a little dog who can walk and run freely, only on lease and only when the owner lets him too. I am done for life, this is my final goodbye to everything...

I am done for life... there he comes again the photographer to click another picture of me to add to his other miserable collection and....

'Smile and look into the camera,' she shouts, disturbing my thoughts, 'You don't want to spoil our wedding album'

You see, I am getting married today. Dammit. Goodbye world.

P.s. Just another fiction.

P.p.s. Goodbye is generally a serious and senti topic, so wanted to attempt a humor out of it. Did I succeed?

P.p.p.s. Goodbye.

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  1. Yes you definitely did succeed at humor with 'goodbye'.
    Although the last line would've been more appropriate if you had written 'goodbye sweet freedom' instead of world. :)
    Best of luck for BAT!

  2. Haahhahahaaa!
    Had I laughed louder, I would've woken the neighbours up!

    Very well written. Refreshing and awesome take on the topic :)

    Gkam- Goodbye

  3. LOL!! :D A VERY good attempt at Humor, Sid!!
    The topic being Goodbye, as you said is usually associated with sadness and parting...this goodbye felt good reading!!
    ATB for BAT 13!! ;)

  4. nice one! :) just remember this if u ever think of getting married in real! ;)

    ps: all the boys/men would sure :x reading this

  5. ha ha ..thats nice ..

    loved it

  6. :D Hilarious...something different(and funny) for a topic like Goodbye...I like it! You should get an emote for thumbs up too :p

  7. LOL really Funny I thought initially that its the tale of mogly or tarzen or someone like them but you totally spun the end on its head. Good work .. All the best for BAT-13

  8. =))

    Ravan, that was hilarious ending! :) g00d take on goodbye dude..!

    Happy married life :) ;) =))

  9. LOL..I had never thought that i would come across such a hilarious 'goodbye' ever.Very well done!

  10. This is very inventive! Wonderful

  11. Another one bites the dust, eh? Funny ending! Is that really what guys think when they get married?

  12. =)) =)) =))
    ab aur main kyaa bolu bas ;)) :)) :D 8-} =))

  13. har dulhae ke emotions! :P
    trying something 'hatke' was a brave choice, kudos for that!

  14. ROFL... that was a brilliant and different take on goodbye... since most of the time you write humour I was wondering how you would make this topic funnny... and here you go :D
    loved it :D

  15. Absolutely you made a beautiful attempt!
    Loved the whole...the pooor lion thing to being popular Album Hero..hey be straight and GRIN a bright n broad...dont u spoil the only perfect 6 front teeth...not more than that...okay!

    Hold that!
    While I come back again after BATOM result :P

    Good Bye!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  16. As expected Sid-o-scope gave even a sentimental topic like goodbye a humorous angle... and i had a good laugh buddy.. keep them coming...


  17. Ha Ha Ha.. Well said, you are very good at humour and making people laugh is great achievement.. Great..

    All The Best for BAT 13.

    Do stop by Gmsaravana - Goodbye

    If you wish to save a heart, then do stop by Save a Heart! Initiative. Do take the pledge and vote if you wish..

    Yours Frendly,
    Someone Is Special

  18. ha ha ha it was funny!!!:D:D

  19. ha ha ha it was funny..:D:D:D

  20. =)) Rofl... you did succeed with the humor and it was pretty good too :).

  21. Wow Sid ..This was hillarious =))You did made us smile wide with that twist in the end :)

    All the best for BATOM :)

  22. At first, I thought it was a lion but ROFL, it was a man. :D That was really funny. :)

  23. Lol :D Even I thought the narrator is an animal (dog or lion). super funny take. :D

  24. Sid strikes again, good one bro. Funny and enjoyed it.

  25. a nice change from the usual rona dhona goodbyes....well written bro!!!

  26. yeah, u succeeded, I am grinning from ear to ear, your humor is sensible! :)

    ATB for BAT! :))

  27. Sidilicious ....
    fantabulous ....
    Yea, many of friends have transformed from being lions to cats

  28. =)) ...That was hilarious .... good that you have added humour to this topic ....

  29. :)..your scope is quiet bright :)

  30. In a humourous way, you have made your point wonderfully makes u laugh,bt makes u think as well...we human beings actually conflict on tigers n other animals by keeping them where they are not meant to be

  31. :)) Awesome take on the prompt Sid
    Only you could have brought out humor in a sentimental topic like this ;;)


  32. lol yeah funny indeed :p


  33. hahahaha dude.. thts wat one expects when he visits this blog.. keep up the Laughter Quotient :D

  34. Always expect something different from Sidoscope - and it lives up.

    Good stuff.

  35. haha...that was a varied angle to the topic.I liked it.
    humorous best.


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