Sometimes your bad luck is really good.

They say 'Every dog has its day,' this makes every dog in the neighborhood wags his tale and tongue hoping that he will get his one day full of bitches for 24 hours and waits eagerly for that one day. The day dawns after 354 days and he finally gets his day, only to find out, that the day never had 24 bitches, it just meant, he had 24 hours to impress his one bitch, and as the pressure mounts up, his one day ends miserably.

In the past few days, many weird things are going around. Since the day I moved in with my parents, I somehow have lost my creativity.

See what I mean? I got many ideas to write but somehow, I never complete them anymore. Damm me.

Holy Cow!!! is incomplete, I do have the strips done but I don't publish them any more. For those who do not know, Holy Cow!!! (yesh with three exclamations) is a new webcomics that will push you on the floor laughing. (This is of-course a shameless self-promotion of the blog, do post a comment there and I will do back flips for you)

Amidst this turmoil between me and universe, the worst had happened. The pigeons abandoned me. See, for some reason, I am at war with the animal kingdom. Now you may not believe this, but I am pretty sure, all these animals meet some where in secret and co-ordinate their next attack on me. Dogs have already taken their share in troubling me, but since the beginning of me, there has been a silent battle between me and pigeons on the small stretch of land that lies in front of my house and the market.

Whenever I walk from beneath their tree, many of them at same time, decide its convenient time to release inconvenient items from their bowels. However I may avoid it, they are there on top, like a stealth bomber hovering around on top of your house, waiting for the right moment.

Imagine my shock, when after 19 years of shitting on me, the pigeons missed me today. I came home clean with no shit. I felt bad. See, its not that I enjoy pigeon droppings, but you see, if you are doing same thing for so long, it becomes part of your life, isn't it?

And thats when I realized, I am going through a temporary phase in life which is called the bad luck syndrome. Its the part of your life, when Lady luck lets her hair down and goes on a honeymoon with prince destiny. It is the part of your life, when you drop the cream on the dirty floor of your ice cream and all that is left is, the cone. Which is nasty.

If you are unlucky during your honeymoon, you might forget to remove the socks after the shoes and later on realize you are....a naked man in socks. 

There are ways of avoiding this unlucky phase, I know of three, none of them work. I, obviously have no luck to find out the solution to this problem. Do you?

Wow, I did complete one article, thats new, (I might not be as unlucky as I think I am). Must go and try walking to the market, on the small stretch of land.


  1. reminds me of the crowshit i received on both my shoulders one after the other! can u believe it was after 9 pm!!

  2. Heh heh heh....lets just say you are lucky...cos they don't shit on me anymore....:D

  3. Now that you got Holycow you should try your luck in cow shit :P

  4. Hehe..holycow! :P
    there is an area near my house where you cannot walk without receiving some bird shit :D

  5. Well... there is this joke about a crow who blessed a guy with his droppings after a few misses. The peeved chap angrily asked him: "Abe, chaddi nehi pehanta kya". To which the wily crow replied: "Kyon, tumlog pehen ke karte ho kya" :D

    P.S. I guess you must substitute the word "Bitch" with "Lady dog"... What??


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