Soni: See me when i am jogging

it's high time u did something about that bulge

me: huh

Sent at 12:02 PM on Thursday

me: i think u mistyped words

Soni: mistyped ?

me: yeah

Soni: tell me which words u wanna hear that'll make u realise

that u have a huge tummy bulging out i will say that

me: 'u have a lot of ossumness in the chicken graveyard':D

Soni: interesting phrase..never heard it

..so if u wanna get ur point across u'll have to tell me what it means

me: it means shut up :P i am not going jogging like ever :P

Soni: ya..so u gonna indulge in that bulge..

me: naah i will donate it to soemone earn money too B-)

Sent at 12:06 PM on Thursday

Soni: so basically u're not going to have a healthy outlook towards ur body or do anything for it so that some day while walking n stumbling with ur huge belly..

u might get a heart attack..

but it'll be fine for u

me: well lets put it this way


Sent at 12:10 PM on Thursday

Soni: it's not good not for u or ur family

u need to understand that u have to take care of ur health

me: yes i do and hence i eat chicken so that i dont stay weak :D

Soni: that is what u will become a chicken,

hello we r not talking abt weakness we r talking about STORED FAT which is in excessive in ur case

me: but look at the bright side if i get strangled into the desert

i will come back alive B-)

Sent at 12:14 PM on Thursday

Soni: and if u get stangled into a forest...the animal kingdom will have a huge feast

me: a buffey infact

Soni: yeah

me: so infact i am helping the environment

Soni: and also in the desert..

'coz what u r holding is not water but just fat yeah yeah..why not

me: but its energy, so infact the more v r talking i feel good about it :P

helping the environment,

saving myself energy wow

Soni: everything u say can simply be summed up as "i am such a lazy fatso, i will never exercise"

me: glad we understand each other :D

Sent at 12:17 PM on Thursday

Soni: i just signed up for gym yesterday

me: aah

Soni: what was that...a sigh ?

me: yeah, i am allergic to word gym

Soni: u must be allergic to everything related to well being except hogging

me: actually i have objection with the term 'well being'

Soni: ya right

Sent at 12:21 PM on Thursday


  1. :)) whatever! but still you should really start gymming!

  2. Awesome! Sid, you are really "UNBELIEVABLE".

  3. ;)) i can so relate this to my life... u won't imagine how! but ya.. have to do something about it!

  4. Interesting exchange of words!!
    Bot on a serious note... Exercise is good for health! Do it! :)

  5. same pinch... I'll use the same dialogue next time...

  6. everything u say can simply be summed up as "i am such a lazy fatso, i will never exercise"

    I can't agree more.
    Just your usual incorrigible self, Sid! :))


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