Confusion, Irritation and Celebration.

We all live in turbulent times. There are terror threats in some major cities in India (that gives us the international level), US has finally learned that Indians are smarter than them and created policies to prevent jobs from going out instead of creating better talent inside, the Maoist have decided that stopping railway and troubling 5000 commuters will benefit their cause and I have finally learned out that it takes 7rs for me to reach home from bus stop but only 5 rs for the same rickshaw to drive me back from my home to the same bus stop. In such highly confusing and turbulent time, Ganeshji** was also reluctant on coming down, no not because he was unwelcome here, because he is a little bit scared that Garudimal Popatlal Jhunhunwala Chawl Mitra Mandal* will be playing, 'Munni badnam hui, darling tere liye,'(Munni is spoilt for you darling, this is actual song to be played everywhere now) in front of him and he doesn't want any Munni to spoil and definitely not for him.

The thing about social gatherings is the pestering public who sees you after a long long time and asks some of the patent questions about you.

I usually am a social disaster, I do not exactly know what to tell people, specially if they ask me about my job, like if some old man asks me, where do I work, do I tell him my company name or my work location? Godforbid if someone asks me what do I do!!!

'Oh, you are so grown up,' the old man smiled, 'So long since I saw you.'
I smiled, trying to be as fake as possible. Let me eat my Prasad dude.
'So where do you work,'

I stated my company name.

'Where?' I was sure he heard it, because two kids next to me also heard the name, even the watchman sitting on the stool at the gate of the society heard it.

'Ok ok,' he nodded as if he was the walking talking Google map. I was sure he didn't know where it was.
'What are your work timings?' he inquired.

'I have flexi-timings....' I began and then regretted, today fate was definitely not on my side.
'What do you mean by that?' he chirped.
'Meaning, I don't have fix timings,' I replied, 'Depends on the work.'
'Are you sure?' he quipped.
I stared at him solely due to Ganapati Bappa, who was looking at me.

Another type of people you see in these social functions, enthusiastic ladies. Do not know what exactly they smoke, but at the event on the music playing, they will start dancing. Now, there is no problem in dancing, dancing is good, but they will start dancing on the steps they learned in childhood. The singers would jump over the cliff, if they saw the dance their song was subjected too.

When it comes to these social festival, one more hitting point is the social contribution. When you reach the door to collect the money, the first thing they shamelessly ask, How much is minimum? Oh c'mon guys, ask maximum, we come once in a year.
One Auntie said, 'Go in the building and tell me how much they gave, I will give you more.'
We were quite excited on the prospect of earning more. So we traveled the whole building of 5 floors and the maximum amount we got was 200 bucks from a noble gentlemen.
We came back to the Auntie and told her the maximum amount is 200 bucks. She beamed and said, hold on.
After few seconds she popped out with purse in her hand and handed over... 201 bucks.

Again, if only it was not Ganapati Bappa...
But still in the confusion, irritation and celebration, we all take part to rejoice the God who steps down on earth for 10 days, who comes as a guest, eats and moves on after the tenth day. A lesson to be learned by many humans too. Isn't it?

Ganapati Bappa Moraya.

*This is a fictional name, used only for phonetic humor.

** Ganesha Utsav is a social Hindu festival celebrated primarily in Maharashtra where different societies, colonies and groups bring big idol of Lord Ganesha aka Ganapati Bappa and worship Him for ten days.


  1. still with chaos and confusions all over... we never forget to celebrate and enjoy :)
    the only question i dnt like ans is abt salary ... it irritates me ...

  2. I'm a cheeky gal.My answer to "Oh!you've grown up so much!"? "OOOOH LOOK!A talking fossil!" ;) and the one to embarrassing nicknames?I flatly deny knowing the person.

  3. But someone told me that Ganesha is going to stay this year for 12 days - instead of customary 11 days! Does Ganesha afterall like the whole buzz around him? Who knows?

  4. Hilarious! yea..ppl do have this icky habit of asking unwanted questions! They might not know your name well, but want to know what you do, how much you earn, when you are getting married! Sheesh! :P ;)

  5. oh yeah in Mumbai they celebrate it with grandeur.. festivals are always fun.. I am glad this time I was in India :) Haha lol@the uncle.. have seen such people lot of times..

  6. this new header is ossum Sid :) Love it!

  7. @Rajlakshmi
    Ganesh Chaturti gives you 10 days of celebration. Thats for sure, and when it comes to Salary, if you tell, they start comparing you. And it sucks.

    Yeah, that response is much much better than talking to them... talking fossil...O_o

    Ofcourse he does, thats why he comes down, again and again, doesn't he?

    @Minstrel Incognito said...
    Totally...and its none of their business....but still love to poke the nose, everywhere.

    @Avada Kedavra
    Oh yes, enjoy India while you can.

    //this new header is ossum Sid :) Love it!
    Thank you...:D did a complete branding.

  8. thanks master ji:) and best wishes always


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