Don't blame the game, Blame the player.

Did you just crinch on hearing the name game? Were you afraid that this is another cribbing post about CWG and  I am going to bore you with a big lecture of what should be done or how Kalmadi's mom is the only person who can hold his ears and say, 'Own up, or I will spank you with bamboo kane..'

However tempted I am to write about it, I resist, for the sole reason that the man has suffered enough. Its not everyday that you may debut in world media over untidy toilet and are caught on tape saying that the condition is fine for me living in it (it was not Kalmadi who said it but someone else, who cares, they all look same to me)

Anyways so this is not about CWG at all, infact, baring cricket I am least interested in sports. In-fact in cricket, I am only interested in IPL, only to watch SRK team fail and drool over the Desi cheerleaders, so that is the end of sports for me.

I am taking about the large peace of land that is currently stuck between the tug of war of two very large Gods. I am talking about the Ayodhya land issue. The big prime land in the heart of ayodhya where people are tearing each other apart since the 90's.

In-fact to build the land, more people have been killed, on both the sides so far, than those who would actually go and pray in the place, and I must say this year Manmohan Singh has faced some of the greatest challenges ever faced by any Indian prime minister so far.

I mean, he has to make sure Indians keep their job with USA turning hostile towards outsourcing, he has to ensure Pakistan keeps its little soldiers in pajamas inside its border and not on the CST station in Mumbai, he has to ensure.

China doesn't change the borders on the map and then again he has to ensure the old wounds do not open wide and hurt millions of Indians again. Kalmadi is least of the problem India is facing now, and what is more all the troubles are world class, I give you that.

So anyways, the game is set, and this 29th I am coming home with pop-corn to watch if we Indians have finally learned from our mistakes or no. Because if we do not, people are going to get burned. 

Do I really have a solution for the problem? yes, but you see people don't really respect my intelligence, when I tried to convince a local gang of youth to protest against the opening of shopping mall next to my house, because that is where my girlfriend will drag me. But they didn't listen to me, and I ended in front of the mall holding a billboard, when they announced a 70% discount. Saved by an inch on getting mowed over by an incoming crowd.

So I won't spare my thoughts on this issue, but hope that we have learned from the past, if we have not.... God save India, but then again, we cannot be sure, which side God is on.

P.s. Don't you dare put some racist comment on this post, I won't accept it and curse you that your every condom will have a hole in it.


  1. I would like to bomb the masjid and the temple, build a nice peaceful garden over there with trees. There are way too many masjids and temples in this world. But no one takes me seriously.

  2. why is it that GOD ceased to be personal?

  3. The problem with God is everyone prays him .. for all contradictory purposes.. and he has to keep his client :-)

  4. Now you got very personal with the condom comment :-p

    Jokes apart i agree with you...we should protest the malls opening up..I am sure there was some mall in the 18th century and it has to be reconstructed...dude you are not alone...


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