How many Engineers does it take to change the Light Bulb

'Nothing can happen in this country,' he came to me complaining, 'We are a big messed up country.'

Irritated that he disturbed me while I was busy reading comics online, I choose not to answer or it might turn into a heated argument.

'Nothing is right, we don't have proper electricity, we don't have water, we don't have roads. Nothing at all,' he shouted, 'We cannot do a single thing right.'

'We had to host one international tournament and we even goofed it up, our politicians are corrupt, there is no unity among the states, no unity in the religions,' he said bitterly, 'Nothing can happen in this country.'

'Now, see this,' he said, a bit softly, indicating that he was finally tired, good for me, I wanted to read Lio, 'Its been a month and there is no electricity in my house.'

'Oh is it?' I asked.

'Yes, I have to eat food in the dark, I have to watch TV in the dark, I have to even read a book in the dark,' he complained loudly, 'God knows when will they come and repair it,' he complained.

'Did you try to change the light bulb?' I asked silently, finally making my point.

He quietly left my table without saying a word or complaining.

Have not heard him complaining about anything since. Funny thing, how we miss the most important thing... brain.

Moral of the story: Do you have any complaints?
Second Moral of the story: Did you understand the first moral?


  1. Aww... My sympathies.. He had to watch TV in the dark. Sad. very sad.

  2. Hahaha OMG I cannot absolutely believe that such a person as your 'friend' exists. I he for real? watch TV in the dark? and he thinks no electricity?

  3. Ha Ha!

    Dimaag ki batti jala de ;)

  4. how can he watch TV when he thinks there is no power???

  5. lol..... :D
    is it a true incident?

  6. hehehe really funny how we forget to use our brain :D I am sure no one would ever complain in front of you :P


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