Once upon a time on Facebook....

'She doesn't like me,' he walked towards me.
'Why? She dumped you,' I exclaimed curbing my excitement.Thank God, finally, stop you will eating my head.
'No dude,' he clarified, 'She did not like my Facebook status.'
Is there any place where they take away these idiots?

'I don't like Facebook,' she announced finally, 'I prefer orkut much better.'
'I didn't realize someone is forcing you to join,' I said, not understanding the point.
'...But you know its a hip thing to be on Facebook,' she proclaimed, at that point I did realize I should get away from the conversation.

'How dare she does this,' he announced entering the room,
'What?' I asked, clearly lost.
'She send a virtual goat to some random in the middle of the night,' he said angrily.
'Dude, you are married for 3 years, she is your wife,' I exclaimed.
'And yet, she stays awake the whole night, sharing digital goat with random strangers,' he exclaims, '... and does not even fertilize my crops.'
Note to Self: I should totally remove his wife from being my neighbor or next time he will kill me.

One fine day,
'Hi,' he pings on FBChat.
'Hello,' me, trying to recollect, who the hell is he and what is he doing in my friends list.
'Thanks for adding me, I thought you must have forgotten,' he.
Given the fact that you thought I must have forgotten you and still you thought it was cool to send a friendship request, must say, brave.
Quickly peeping into mutual friends-list, aah, school mate, the person whom I shared oxygen with in school and had eye-contact only twice in my life so far.
'So, Wat is up these days,' he.
Given the fact that I don't know you, you don't know me and the only mutual conversation we had in the past twenty years was when I wanted a share of that tasty cheese sandwich you were having in the year 1993 while we still wore half pants to school, 'Nothing much, the usual.'
Opps, I got accidentally disconnected, or did I?

True Story.

P.s. All stories are fiction, except last one. The last one motivated the article.
P.p.s. Is this even an article?


  1. i'm here after quite long and i loved this post! good work :D
    btw, thanks for changing the look of the site, the previous one was too slow to navigate.. :)

  2. Hilarious! yes..it definitely happens...and although I hate to admit it, I too was a virtual farmer once upon a time and got frantic about harvesting crops! sheesh!

  3. I should totally remove his wife from being my neighbor or next time he will kill me.
    ROFL. Sid dude you rock. I'm literally LOL-ing here.

  4. Hahaha... The last one is true not for you but for almost everybody on facebook. I mean its crazy. It really is.

  5. @Sree & aativas
    Thank you ji...:D
    Haha...nice one dude!! :)

  6. @Mehak
    Well... welcome back, then, glad you liked the new layout!!!! :D

  7. @Minstrel Incognito
    Heh he hheh... i also am an ex-virtual farmer....:P

  8. @Samadrita
    //ROFL. Sid dude you rock. I'm literally LOL-ing here.
    Yo I do rock...;) how do you like the new layout???

  9. nice article
    my roomie does that all the time " My fish will starve", " I need to fertilise my plants" its funny I never noticed her friend request what she sent in June :P , it only every recently she realised I was not in her friends request :P

  10. Ha! Ha!

    Well... folks can't face a book these days... yet have all the time in the world to log onto FB... and are perfectly satisfied to have their lives ruled by a little blue bird... !!!

  11. this post is so totally random yet so real yet so funny yet so sidodcope! :P

  12. I like the new layout very much. It loads quite fast too. Good one! :)

  13. Hm.. Interesting post. But things were kind of loosely hanging.

  14. Excellent. Appreciate your insights posted by you. Book marked your blog


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