Are you smarter than your smart phone?

Mobile companies are  currently in war with the universe, of producing phones smarter than the universe creates human.

"You are a phone nut," he pointed at me, coming at my desk.
"Huh," I replied, "Is that even a term or did you just make it up."
"No, I know you are..." he said, "Tell me what is Android?"

"Oh," I realized where this conversation was headed to, so I gave him a one-line description of Android, "Its a smart phone open source real time operating system build by Google, based on Linux."

"In English please," he replied.

Samsung Epic 4G Android Phone (Sprint)"Well, it is a smart phone mobile operating system by Google," I replied again.
"If its Google, why do you have a Samsung phone?" he asked, "My sister has a corby and your phone looks same like that."

I turned by Phone around and showed him 'With Google' sign printed on the back cover, "Does your sisters corby has this?"
"You must have printed it"
"You mean, I buy a smart phone, and go to the screen printers to print Google on it, and the motive behind it?"
"Dunno," he shrugged, "You are crazy."

A few days later, I was walking towards the coffee machine when a familiar tone hit my ears, 'We are blackberry boys' song was playing on a phone. I turned around hoping to see a proud blackberry user, when I realized the source of the music was some sony ericsson phone. The same person who called me a phone nut was the proud owner of the confusing ringtone.

As I was destroying terrorist in Dust II, my friend came to me,
"Hey heard you got a android smart phone," he asked, "What does it do?"
"Well, everything... I even got Photoshop (official) inside it," I told him.
"Oh," he exclaimed, "That cost you a lot."
"Na, just half of my salary," I answered.
Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 16GB"Oh shit, noways, why the hell did I buy this Nokia E72 on my credit card!!!"
Beats me, bro. Maybe for Nokia pride.

"Urm," he came to me, "Hi, I heard you are a phone nut."
"Is that name catching on? I don't like it," I reply.
"No, I need a help," He asked nervously.
"What is it?"
"Actually, I am unable to figure out how to activate blue-tooth on my phone," he said handing over his blackberry.
Now, you are not that smart to use a smart phone is it. 

P.s. I don't have particular against Nokia, I just don't like Symbian OS which Nokia uses.

P.P.s. I don't like the word, Phone Nut

P.p.p.s. And yayiee I got an android phone.

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  1. i did not read the whole post, but best question asked ever
    I knw people who possess I-phone and all they use it is for tomcat and angry birds .

  2. An android phone! Wow! cool..

    I am looking for a phone too.. perhaps you can help Mr. Phone Nut (oopps!)

  3. Unfortunately enough I'm a not so proud owner of an obsolete Nokia N72 with a Symbian OS. I'll buy an Android next time for sure. "Symbian OS sucks." is probably an understatement.
    And no I'm not a phone-nut. :P

  4. well,m a proud BLACKBERRY user ;)

  5. haha exactly...ppl buy stuff dey dont even know how to use!!
    simply loved ur last line : you are not that smart to use a smart phone, are you?.


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