Behind every successful man is a woman threatening him of dire consequences if she is not given credit

Or as @krish2468 says, woman are always after successful men.
'Its a man's world,' she announced to the room with the pride and confidence of the feminine world.

The 110 Volts eco-friendly, energy saving bulb in my head blinked to life, is what she saying true? Can we really say, its a mans world?

Armed with this information, I decided to do a research on this saying. Now, I know what you would probably say, why am I wasting time on this, well, I believe this is better usage of my time than research on top-ten-excuses-Rajnikant-would give if his film flopped, right?

So let me see this, my friend, who recently had a tragic accident in his life. He lost his life as well as his sense the day he married his girl-friend. He recently came with the sad news, that he was going to be a dad. So crazy and senseless he has become, that he distributed sweets with the news.

When he had come earlier with the marriage news, people in the bay asked him, 'How is the bride?' Everywhere he went, the same question, it was only me who asked him, 'How are you feeling?', wonder why he jeered on me?

When a girl came along distributing sweets of her marriage, the immediate question was asked, 'How are you feeling about this?' Oh my, no one asked how is the dude. Dang.

So he came with the news of being a dad, as he was distributing the news, people still asked, 'Is the mother alright?' Everywhere he went, the same question. Again I followed my duty and asked, 'Are you alright?' He still jeered on me, oh poor soul.

When the girl stepped into the office with huge belly, the first question asked was, 'Are you feeling alright?' as if there was no role of her husband in it, hello, he did have a big role in it.

In an adult male life, there are some instances when the man feels immensely proud, when he becomes a father, when he purchases his own dream car, when he urinates in the side of road and when he catches a moving bus by running behind it.

So when I caught the bus by running after it in scorching heat, my chest inflated with pride. Tired and exhausted I sat down on the available seat, a girl stepped in and asked me to get up as it was a ladies seat. They can ask us to empty the ladies only seat, they are legally empowered to do that, but are we legally empowered to ask them to empty a general seat?

Will it look good if I go and say to the girl, 'Hello, this is not a ladies seat, this is a general seat, go and sit on the ladies only seat.' I did try that and people looked at me as if I was a person who was completely drenched in potty.

When a boy shares his lifetime achievement on facebook, he gets max 1 or 2 likes, but if the girl even shares a cute puppy, she gets 143 likes, the puppy has no significance here. BTW.
Lets look at the statistics on the day, a girl gets a gift...

Valentines Day: |
Raksha Bandhan: ||
Bhau Bhij: |||
Mothers day: ||||
Birthday: |||| |
Anniversary: |||| ||
Weekend: |||| |||
No particular reason but you had a fight: |||| ||||=9 (And many girls will agree this is exceptionally low amount)

Sadly, I cannot keep counting,

Now lets look at boys days:

Fathers Day: |
Birthday: ||
We did not buy anything for you for a long time, so lets buy you a shirt day: ||| = 3!!!!

Anniversary gift? I cooked delicious dinner for us. O_O

So he said one day on the secret to happy marriage,
'You see dude,' he told me, 'We made a pact on our honey moon. The pact of secret marriage.'
'What? She won't kill you if you do not disturb her during her television shows?' I quipped.
'Very funny,' he replied, 'That was much later. On our honeymoon, we decided, she will take all the small decisions while me, I will take only big decisions.'
'And she agreed?' I inquired.
'Yes, ofcource, just yesterday, I gave her a big decision, Manmohan Singh should sack Kalmadi and hang him for spoiling countries name during CWG and she took relatively small decision of which cushion cover shall we chose for diwali, simple soul.'

So you see, statics speak for themselves, now what do you say, whose world is it anyway?

P.s. If you like this article, I have published a lot of white papers on man-woman relationships.


  1. poor guys...!
    n thnks siddhesh 4 mentioning me ;)

  2. Lol... amazing man... amazing.. Loved it...

  3. Liked this article??? I LOVED it ALL CAPS AND BOLD!!! I laughed at least thrice... agreed a lot many times and disagreed once - not many celebrate father's day yaar ;)

    And I am going to share it with as many people as possible. And later, I am gonna have a counter article as well. Though of course, I temporarily agree husband-log don't get that much bhaav and gifts... generally!

  4. @Chandz
    Hey hello, thanks ya...and welcome back!!!

  5. @Anu
    Well...counter article is more than welcome, share the link and i will merge it with this article as well.

    Well i just noted down the possible festivals for getting gifts for male kind, it is just sad one more even less.

    Do share, do share... I do need marketing and publicity...:P

  6. hahaha poor guys :D you seem to have suffered a lot in this women biased world :P

  7. Brilliant as usual! :D
    but er.. i m sure guys get gifts more than 3 times a year... the ocassions are slipping my mind right now... but there must be some :P

  8. nature made it like that. only guys are behind girls (generally). that is why they get all the attention.

  9. I agree bro have it tough....really tough

  10. hehe great post.poor more thing...we celebrate daughter's day...and have never heard about sons' day...
    the tittle is great.

  11. he he... Hilarious... It makes me even more proud to be a gal...

    If someone is getting married, guy or gal, my standard question is - "are u happy?"

    About the gifts, (my experience) it is difficult to buy gifts for a guy.. if the budget is low then it is too bad....

    for a gal u can give anything ranging from a doll or earring (worth Rs.10.. yes it is available) to bags, keychains etc... gals normally like small gifts that do not cost much... if u keep giving funky earrings again and again, she will never question u... they just like surprises... small ones...

    In my case, no gift on raksha bandhan and no bhaubhij.. I am not yet a mother and my mother din receive gifts on mother's day.. we don give or receive gifts on Diwali.. What is that weekend gift? I never got or gave... I din receive a gift after a gift and I didn't demand also...

    for a guy the budget has to be 1000 bucks at least... and still the choices are less... and still there is a great chance they will find it not worth it or uncool...

    My dad got gifts only on anniversary ad birthday... I do not have a brother... my husband has received a lot of gifts from me... Occasions - Valentines day, Birthday, 1 year anniversary of commitment, engagement and at times, just because he traveled 600km to meet me... cards (just a back up if he doesn't like the gift), muffler, football club accessories, bag, coffee mug with a personal message,shirt... I was so done giving cards that I started making cards on my own... card of length 60 cm and proportional breadth... using lots or craft ideas... He is so happy with that.. he has also said he will like it even if I just give the self made card... But I would still gift him something... The only problem is what to give...

    So it is not always that gals get more gifts...

  12. @Preethika
    That's a amazing view however I would have to differ. Your lets say is a special (and unfortunate) case. I would say that is because you my dear have not demanded it.

    But we have to generalize and the general point is, girls do recieve many gifts. Sadly.


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