The Belly Landing

Or the great test of high impact on hard surface by a heavy object, in this case... me. So as it turns out I was as usual traffucked (n. A condition where the entire universe is conspiring against you reaching your destination. Source: Dictionary of Ossumness) on my way to home. The universe had already washed the streets with clean water and for the first time in last three months I found the road empty, so happy I was with the profound happiness that I decided to increase my speed to 41 from 40.

As I drove on the wet surface, multiple things happened at the same time. The person in my front decided that it was time for him to suddenly change lanes, my thoughts suddenly turned from Mallika Sherawat and her slimy avatar to Ohmigod, my legs decided it was the day of revolution against my brain and pressed the brake of my bike and I knew it was time to test the oiliness of my newly serviced bike and the wheels knew they could not stop on the wet roads. In Summary:  Screeech, dhadam and dhoom. I was on the road in 10 secs and in next 5 sec the person who switched lanes rain off and a unexplainable pain, worst than watching Phoonk 2 back to back after Phoonk 1 in a theater alone, emerged from my legs.

A few days ago on the same path a mob had gathered because a girl had crash landed from her scooty. It took me 3 mins to realize bloody hell only 4 people stopped to pick me one. One picked my helmet and my bike and parked at the side of the road, which I realized was because it was obstructing the traffic. By the time my brain adjusted to the fact that I had crashed, a new problem was registered. The front foot rest was bend and was obstructing my bike gear, I could not drive my bike.

So here was in the middle of the road with a broken knee and half broken bike. I could call home and ask my dad to give me a ride, but my ego won't allow me to do so. With one leg still standing I kicked the foot rest so my gear could move a bit and then started my bike and drove home, this time only in second gear and somehow reached home.

After putting ice on the injury, my brain realized the real reason why I was unhurt and my bike was bend so badly. When I crashed I had landed on by belly which acted as a pivot and my whole body floated over it. My shirt was spoilt thought and it was my favorite shirt. I did have an interesting wheel-chair adventure in the office but as the grand plan of the universe and the natural law of all the awesome things in the world.... wait for it.


  1. One reason why Belly is good for mankind. Drink Beer, Say yes to Big Belly :P

    Get well soon dude.

  2. Dude, I came to comment here last night but I couldn't find the comment-box. Really.
    Today I can see it again though.(thankfully)
    And btw having a belly is only good for this one purpose. A thousand better reasons will justify NOT having it. :P

  3. ohh poor you but I am ROfling right now :D so you are having a beer belly or what to have escaped unhurt :P


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