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'Have a drink my boy,' he offered him a drink.
'No, please I don't want,' Raghvan refused.
'Oh don't be such a spoil sport, its celebrations time,' he opened another box of champagne. 'This is rich fine wine from the french wineyard. Have some.'
Raghvan glanced at him and was scared. What happened, he did not know, how did he get here he had no idea.
'You know I always liked you taste since beginning,' he was mocking Raghvan, 'Wish you would open up a bit for this celebration.'
It was only one whiskey, or was it two?  No it was one only. How could he not remember.
'It was definitely more than two, mister,' he said, as if reading the mind, 'Lets see, you started with 2 large pegs for your celebrations. Then you took 6 large pegs before flirting with that chick in the corner. Then you had 2 pegs before you entered into the brawl with her boyfriend. You took one more peg before smashing the entire bar,' he started thinking, 'I think you took one too many drink. One drink.'
The whole night was crystal clear for him. The drunken brawl as the bartender refused to serve him the drink, the spat that he needed the drink in any case. He getting kicked out of the bar and finally fumbling into the gutter before finally reaching his car.
'You did ask for one drink thought,' he said, 'And one drink you shall have.'
What was the last thing Raghvan saw? The lights, yes the lights and the noise, loud noise, ear deafening loud noise before crashing into that incoming truck.
'One drink too many, mister,' he smiled in the wicked grin, 'You know it takes only one drink to lose control, the problem is, you cannot control which one is it.'
'Cheers,' he finally sipped the french wine, '...and Welcome to Hell'

Image courtesy: Don't drink and Drive campaign by http://www.surecw.com

P.s. There is a fine line between celebrations and death. Don't cross it.
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  1. Hey! Sid, your posts are always short but very very different.Like every time, this time too, you have something unique to offer.Enjoyed reading it. All the best :)

  2. You are spot on-its like the man who said that it took him just one drink to get loaded, but he didnt quite remember if it was the 13th or the 14th !
    But on a more serious note, a very pertinent take on the flip side of celebrations as we all too often treat them.

  3. Agreed.. though i wonder are boys allowed to drink? btw, it was a pleasure visiting your blog after eons!!

  4. Took a peg before writing this eh? But A damn cute 'short story'!
    Gud luck sid!

  5. Hi Sid;

    The twist...I was expecting it to happen...lols!

    No, but I like your treatment of your story...only I don't like the 'welcome party to hell' lols!

    Superb post Sid! All the best!

  6. Aye Aye,
    You have changed the theme.
    That shows your celebration mood.

    nice post.
    Good luck with the contest Sid

  7. this was amazing.. "it takes only one drink to lose control"... whoaaaaa

  8. Amazing... different and loved the message at the end ...

  9. A very different take on the topic, short, yet crisp, with a strong and valuable message to adorn the ending. It is as sharp as your 'sharp tongue". Wish people would follow the disciplines of drinking and driving and make the world a better place to live in. All the best.

  10. Wonderful short story...Nice take on celebrations!

  11. Good luck to you. I like it short and simple . :)

  12. Good topic you've chosen....ATB !!

  13. different :)
    All the best :)

    Here is my celebration:
    Ms. Meduri- Celebrations

  14. Very unique post with a hidden message in it.All the best for BAT.

  15. As always , post with a message .. A different style sharp words blended with humour , I liked the 2nd last line .. "you cannot control which one is it"Wonderful !

    All the best for BAT !

  16. Okay! Must admit I was damn confused till the last few lines.

    But a good message you conveyed.

    Can't say this is your best... I expect more :)

  17. fulll balckkkkkkk ,, its looking mastttt :D

    And the post,,, Did the thought evolve out of some experience? :P

    Powerful message though! And wonderfully conveyed

  18. Wonderful take on the topic .. Very good .. keep it up..

    All the best for BAT-16

    Vikas Khair - Celebrations

  19. Loved the subtle message being transmitted throughout... liked the way you wrote... but would have preferred a happy ending for "Celebrations"... Liked it nonetheless!

  20. wow, a very different yet a very meaningful message related to celebrations. All the best for BAT


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