Of Booze, Books and Brains

"You know what..." my friend shouted at the zeroth hour of the night, when the calender was unsure what day it was...midnight, "... this is insane," he exclaimed.
"No it is not," I replied, "This is assignment and we have to submit the journals tomorrow."
"Yes, but we are engineers..." he complained, "...Not clerks who will write these vast pounds and pounds of pages and for nothing..."
"We do get term works marks for that," quipped Anshul who was busy writing another sheet on the table.
"Yes, but look at us, we are writing around 5000 pages for just 50 marks," he shouted out loud.
"Dude, its just 70 pages and you have not even started..." I replied, simply, busy trying to trace the diagram from the journal.
"Will you stop cribbing and get back to writing?" Anshul commanded, "Scholar doesn't know we have stolen his journals, we should keep them back lest he will find out about the duplicate key we have to his room."

The next fifteen minutes went in peace. I figured I could not trace the diagram so was trying a very dirty copy of a shaft.

"...but isn't this torture?" he spoke loudly, "This shouldn't be true, we are computer engineers, what are we going to do understanding shafts?"
"Recession is coming soon," Anshul replied, "If we don't get job, this can be helpful, now shut up and write."

The next four minute was quiet.

"Want some milk?" he quietly whispered in my ears, the milk here was the milk power that we kept in the cupboard.
"If you raise your head from your journal right now," Anshul finally spoke, "I am going to punch you in your face..."

Fifteen minutes went in silence.

"This is bull****," a screamed echoed in the room and knocked the clips out of the drawing board, Anshul got up from his writing, "This all does not even make sense. I am going to punch the scholar for writing 6 pages of a write up, this does not end, does it?"
"6 pages?" I exclaimed, "What do you mean... I have written only 2 pages of writeup..." me fumbling in my file, "Oh crap, I got 1st page and the 4th page, did not see the middle two..."
"You know what we should do..." he said, without raising his head, "Chuck the files and drink beer."
"That sounds a better plan, Yogi must be open now," Anshul suggested, "Beer will also help us think clearly about the assignment and motivate us to stay awake."

Fifteen minutes later all three were dozing off on the same write-ups they had written since evening. The next morning, he had drooled and spoiled two of his writeups and one of scholars writeup. I managed to write 2 pages each assignment, I am not sure in which order I wrote. Anshul managed to complete 16 assignments out of 18, he attached scholars 2 assignment instead without the first page.

The journals were submitted as it is. No one is the wiser. To this day scholar doesn't know why his 3 assignment went missing.

All three of us working in a good position in IT industry. All working in the same position as that of scholar.

P.s. Names are changed because Anshul threatened me to punch me in my face if I ever disclose his name on my blog.

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