What are we chasing?

My friend decided to switch jobs, his simple motive was to earn money. He received a big package in lieu of job change and was happy to get great money. Few days into the job and he started getting nervous, he could not adjust with the surroundings. Slowly he started getting upset and one day he decided to switch again, yet again, a company offered him a good package.

This new company was small comparatively and he started craving for a big break, he had already tasted the switch and decided to switch again. This vicious continued until one day he realized he had reached his saturation and industry did not need him again. He was angry and upset and his wife did not know what to do. Slowly his family was falling apart and he was unhappy. What did he do wrong?

In Bengal and Orissa, they say, there is a invisible Goddess sitting next to Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of money, in shape of owl. They say, the only way to see her is by having Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and sense, by your side. But Lakshmi is a moody Goddess who does not stay at one place for long, she ensures that Saraswati does not enter the place where she is residing, thus making way for her twin sister or her owl, for some, Alakshmi to enter. Alakshmi then ensures that there is distress, fights and gloominess in the house and thus Lakshmi exits from the place.

In Ramayana, Ravan was a known scholar. Master of all Vedas and Upanishads, he was the most powerful warrior in the world and even a better and just king than Ram. However all this vanished, the day he inherited Lanka from Kubera, the God of wealth. By stealing the wealth, Ravan ensured his own path of destruction. What he thought was Lakshmi was actually, Alakshmi who had entered the house. Hence, he, the king of the earth, most powerful man on the planet, did not think of his kingdom, his family, his subjects before trying to fulfill his selfish lusts. He had kicked out his knowledge from his kingdom and hence no sense could let him stop the war.

In ancient Greek, Eris, the Goddess of strife and discord, also known as Discordia in Roman. She was the only goddess not to be invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. In rage she threw the Golden apple in the middle of the wedding, labeled, 'To the fairest.' Three Goddess made the claim for it, and in the rivalry, brought the trojan war, which lasted ten years destroying troy.

What my friend did wrong was, he choose Lakshmi instead of Saraswati to make wise decision. Hence he left sense and thus paved the way for his own destruction. We as a individual should remember, Lakshmi drives away Saraswati but the later, invites Lakshmi wherever she is. Keeping Alakshmi away is not hard, as written in Vishu Puran.

Vishnu keeps Saraswati hidden under his tongue which is why Alakshmi is kept at bay and he always has Lakshmi by his side. Focus on making wise decisions not involving money, but sense and you will keep quarrel, fight and malice away.

A special post before Lakshmi Pujan. Have a blast this Diwali.

P.s. Did you like the special Diwali design?


  1. Wow! what a wonderful thought provoking post :)
    Have a great time this festive season and I hope your friend finally learns his lesson and decides to stabilize and stay content in a job :D

  2. Brilliant article!! :)
    Loved the way you conveyed such an important message :)


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