Tooth Raider: The Calcium of Teeth

"Don't be afraid, there is nothing to worry," usually when you hear these words from a pretty lady you are glad. Especially when she wears Chanel perfume, especially when she has the perfect smile, especially when she can challenge Galadriel (The white lady from Lord of the Rings) in beauty department but still I am not convinced. Mostly because she said those words while holding a drill near my mouth.

The story doesn't begin here and it doesn't end with me waking up from a nightmare (I hate when stories end that way).  A few days ago something moved in my mouth. The mouth inspector, tongue, sent a distress signal up to the head office. Turns out the thing that moved was a broken fragment of a tooth. Some calcium smuggling germ ring had camped on my tooth and were busy mining for the precious mineral. Turns out they wanted to reach the roots.

The thing about tooth disease is, no one wants to go to a dentist immediately. Mouth is the one organ we cannot see but use often. The though of having metal instruments used inside that organ is in itself scary. Considering the facts, I decided to let the shaky tooth remain as it is and pretend it never happened.

That is until four days later, the shaky tooth broke off . After a scary hollywood moment (remember those moment) I decided to do the walk of shame and let them judge me on my use of toothpaste.

The dentist clinic has a peculiar smell, isn't it? That smell, for want of a better word, is peculiar. It is not bad, it is not good, it is just. That is how you tell you are in a dentist clinic.

Another thing about the dentist clinic is that the dangerous chair they operate on. It looks like the design of the chair is inspired from a medieval torture machine. On top of that the lady dentist who was going to operate on my tooth was burning a pair of tongs on a burner.

The tooth raider was ready to raid the ruins of my teeth with weapons and flares. She was hunting for the illegal enemies who had camped on the places they shouldn't. "Tell me when it hurts," she said.

That doesn't look right, she just told me it won't hurt and now she tells me to inform when it hurts. This sort of mix messages gives dentist the bad name. She numbed my roots and continued digging. I lay there motionless, fearing every heated tong, every needle that went close to the mouth. I tried to focus on the Chanel smell, trying to guess which one was it but that still couldn't ease out.

And that's when I realized, getting the roots cleaned for your teeth is not for the weak. The tooth raider, like the legendary Tomb Raider fights daily battle against the germs in the ruins of a great civilization.

And also the real pain starts when the numbing agent starts wearing off and in the middle of you writing an awesome post on that experience.


Photo credits: Patryk Sobczak, Stock Images


  1. I had one of my tooth removed and one root canaled. I would never go back. I hate that.

  2. Oh! I don't want to go dentist any day. I was visualizing this scene.. and it hurts !

  3. Great post!
    The visits to the dentist can be a real horrifying experience both cause of the fear& pain as well as financially.

    Hope you and & your tooth is alright now.


  4. U scared me completelyy!!
    :( I have an appointment with a dentist next feekend,the fear engulfed me from now! Ahhh... :( :((

  5. ohh that sounds horrible...i've heard tooth aches are one of the worst :-(...hope you feel better soon...take care!

  6. @Bharathi
    :O oh yeah its painful experience...:D

  7. @Ekam
    Oh yeah... u know the thing about dentist is... u know u have 2 avoid it...but u can't!!!

  8. @Chatterbox
    My tooth is alright...m not...:D felt that as an invasion of privacy!!!

  9. @Shruti
    As i said before, you know you have to avoid it....but u can't...:P

  10. Well I guess I've been blessed so far in my life.I never had to visit a dentist.Don't want to either :P
    Though I've been to a nursing-home and been pricked with all kinds of needles n stuff.:(( I must admit all that has toughened me up quite significantly. ;))

  11. Scary and painful experience!! :-o
    I can empathize!!
    Nice expression in this post Sid...liked especially the Lara Croft visualization! :D

    Hope you are feeling better now!! Take care!!

  12. I have never been to a dentist... and never will... in this life or the next :I

  13. I also had RCT last year so I can empathize with you.
    Hey it was you calling yesterday....sorry missed it. Call me around 11:00 AM. Would be in a position to chat better :-))

  14. Had one tooth extracted not by Lara Croft but by Shaktiman ... so I know what a tooth-ache is and what 'Danton ka sadan' ...and best thing is no matter which toothpaste you use .... germs will attack and whenever that happens U have Shaktiman or Lara Croft don't worry ;) to rescue you :D

  15. got good teeth ... no probes there ;)

  16. :-o you really scared us all :( I would never go to a dentist. My past experiences were as scary as you described (though it was when I was a small kid). Loved the analogies you gave :)


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