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[Short Story] Outrunning your Destiny.

If you have never met the Runner, you probably are one of those people who live a fulfilling life. Have kids, play it safely till retirement and then wait for death. Not runner, nope. He has met Death, twice by some account, messed with God's, raced from stone age to the future and is running forever since the beginning of time. Runner is the messenger for those who did not want their messages to be read by Government, Gods and Ghouls. Extremely resourceful with the knack of escaping the law, bullets and even death, twice so far. All his adventures begin and end with one conclusion. He is mysterious. This adventure began when the hooded figure arrived at Runners lunch table few days ago. “You are here,” said the hood looking at the Kheema Pav, Runner was gobbling. “What the f***,” Runner spat the morsel he was eating looking at the hood, “You again? I told you I am not available.” “You come with good credentials,” the hood said, “My brother Death speaks highly of you.”