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[Short Story] The One who Stood against Shiva

The northern winds blew over the inn and creaked the door open. The cold breeze blew inside sending chills down Vinayak's spine. He shuddered and went to closed the door again. He gasped at the door, cursing his job. He was the inn-keeper of this family INN. It was started by his father and provided wayfarers a place to rest and have a hot meal on the highway. Vinayak glanced at the clock on the wall- it showed closed to midnight. No one is going to come here now. He sighed, no one will come here anymore, it was the coldest night. He might as well close down and go to sleep. Just as he was about to lock the door, an old Sage stepped inside, "Room for one, please?" Vinayaka rushed to the door and helped the Sage inside, "Please come in father, where are you going in such a cold night?" The Sage could barely stand and was leaning on a wooden stick. His thin frame of body bends from the spine. The long flowing gray beard complimented the back and created

[Short Story] Him

I received a request to write a story on the ever loving Krishna and I chose this. There are lot of things already said about Krishna, the controversial warrior-poet. He was a great leader, strategist and orator but he rarely drew the following like his predecessor Ram. He was cunning, manipulative and a fierce lover and a lot has been said about him in mainstream storytelling. But what happened in his enemies mind? How did other warriors saw him? Everyone feared him, some worshipped him, some hated him but no one could ignore him.  This story is entirely fictional and creative adoption from the text of Jaya, that describes the Kurushetra war in detail.  "We need to talk," Bhishma walked into the war room unannounced. No one had dared disrespect Duryodhana before in his own war room but this was Bhishma. "I gather you got my message?" Duryodhana asked, "Come." Bhishma looked at the audience that was gathered in the war room. Sitting in the circl