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Suicidal Tendencies

Suicide is overrated. Of course the death of a person is a very tragic day in a persons life. Its like one of those days you cannot miss, like the day you are born, or the day you get your puberty. Obviously death is a tragic thing and many sentiments are attached to it. However the reasons that appear for the suicides are clearly suicidal and due to amplifying the horror of death by million times, suicide appear to be the worst possible case for any individual to be in. So, this post is in response to the increasing suicidal tendencies in the country. People are finding it hard to cope up with the hardship and hoping that killing will solve the problem. In one news a student decided to commit suicide, because she could not bear because of derogatory comments made by her boyfriend on facebook. Breakups can be hard, agreed but my most important question is, why was the girl in IIM if she was this.... for want of a better word out of respect for the dead....weak? In India committ

To the Parents of the Blowjob Generation

Oh what blasphemy have I committed writing the words 'parents' and the 'blowjob' in the same sentence. Maybe this thing was not at all said in the entire indian subcontinent for the past millions of years (the amount of the number of years is directly proportional to the darkness of the saffron color you choose to wear), that is the sentence often heard when this topic edges closer. The next immediate response is, blowjob generation is not what our culture is and I am going to rotate around a God for a thousand times so that I will wash of the sins of the sons or daughter who committed this crime. Or this ones more funny, this all things are downwind from the America, we and our children have nothing to do with it. Well, to anyone and whoever had any or all the above reactions on reading the topic, wake up and smell the coffee. Yes, 80% of the students in Indian metros are getting blow jobs and obviously they are liking it but more than that, they are blaming

The Strange Case of Pseudo Engineer

Engineering is a complex business. Engineering is the discipline, art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes that safely realize improvements to the lives of people. Bottom line, Engineering is a complex business. But even more complex are the ways of engineers. Sadly, we don't leave in the ideal world and people who took up engineering to improve the lives of other people barely manage to improve the lives of their own. Many people proudly state the fact that India is the one of the largest producer of Engineers, however it is a misinformed statement, the real one is India is one the largest printer of Engineering degrees. It also implies that India is the largest reducer of trees who are killed just so that they can give out to some idiots who can either frame it on their wall or can iron it regularly

When life gives you lemons, make milkshake.

The problem with life is, Karma is watching and has a infra red sensor, a motion detector and a more sophisticated technology to spook you out. Usually Karma and Murphy have each other on speed dial and conspire together to bring you down. It always pays to be in a secular country where all the religions are respected. Specially when Ganesh Chaturti and Id come back to back as if in a race to reach human race. We on the other hand enjoy the two days holiday (much to the dread of entire management) but they end on Thursday and before you want to get yourself soaked in a knee deep in holiday mood there is one final dreaded Friday sandwiched in between the holidays and the weekend. The Friday smirks, come back to me, let me spoil your mood. Let me give you a lot of work load to the extend that you will be brought back to reality and spoil one holiday mood and prevent you from entering into another. Oh wait, and if I am not enough, the other brother Monday is waiting for you on th