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[Short Story] The Sleeping Beauty Story

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (Apparently this land in far far away was biased towards the pretty princessess, hence you would find almost all the princess like Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel in this region.) lived  slept a beautiful princess, called 'the sleeping beauty' (That was really her true name). One fine day, her sleeping pills wore off, and she suddenly woke up from her deep slumber. There was no musical around her, no prince charming and neither was anything else (except maybe unlimited Wifi) She rushed to check on to and found that all her friends from school days where in a relationship. A cold chill spread through her body as multiple thoughts came to her mind. Would she die alone? Would she never find her prince charming? Would she ever... Her thoughts were cut short by a ping from Cinderella, "Good morning sleeping beauty," Cinderella pinged, "Whats happening?" 'Whats happening' was consi

[Short Story] The Story of the Goose

Uddhava knew this was the ending, this is it. After moving the people from Mathura and winning the war against Kaurava, karma had caught up with his old friend. The blood bath could not be stopped, Yadavas could not be saved. Two days ago, Uddhava was called upon by his cousin on the death bed, The chariot raced through the muddy streets towards vrindavan. On the back seat clutching tightly to his chest sat Uddhava. Nervous, worried and upset he didn’t know what lay ahead. Events flashed in front of his eyes of the bloodbath in his bellowed Dwarka. The entire Yadav clan was dead, with their own arrows. He though of the dying words of his old friend Krishna, ‘It’s over, my friend,’ Krishna had said as he rest his head on Uddhava thigh, ‘Time for me to leave the mortal world.’ ‘Don’t say this, brother,’ Uddhava smiled, ‘The vaidyas are trying their best to recover you. Do not worry.’ Krishna smiled, ‘they are bound by the physical realities of the mayavi world my friend, I a

Quick Bytes: Here and there

Love story ‎"You see that dead puppy there," he asked pointing to a dead puppy. "Yes." "Do you feel sorry for it?" he asked engaging her. "Yes, I do. It is a sad sight to see." "I don't feel it. I told you I am a psychopath. Things like apathy, love, sad or hatred do not matter to me." "That can't be true. I have not know anyone incapable of love. Surely you must love something or someone." "Nope, I love only myself and my thoughts, that get crazy somethings." "There can't be any proof for that. You could be feeling sad for the puppy but not showing it." "No I don't," he said, simply, "I did not feel anything when I killed it." Nightmares The dreaded night is here. I have been dreading this moment the whole day. It happens, night after night. Every night my soul is tortured beyond comprehension. Why me? I ask for a thousand times, why me? I stare

[Short Story] The Teachings of the Snake Mother

This story is part of my retelling of old classics. No claim is made on the authenticity of the story as this is a retelling, some creative liberty is used. Part of 'The one who stood against shiva and other stories' Since her birth, Kadru the mother of all snakes always had a boiling rivalry with her sister Vinata, the future mother of Garudas or the eagles. Oh how magnificent Vinata was, with her wings spread out wide, her long flights in the air. Once Vinata kept on and on about her long jump towards the sun. Oh how jealous Kadru was. Kadru made a vow that day, that one day, Vinata would be her slave. When they both where married to the Sage Kashyap, son of Manu, she demanded 100 sons, to fulfil her vow against her sister. Vinata was still the smartest and she asked for only two, but both of