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[Fiction] The Final Citadel

Now ‘Are we not men?’ he asked loudly fallen on the blackened path. The skies were gone forever, now covered with black haunting darkness, ‘Don’t we deserve another chance?’ Some unknown time before Slowly cautiously he walked in the darkness. For last 500 millenniums he was in the dark, this was nothing different, this was home. Home sweet home. It was their evil plan, the cruel Gods who engineered the whole thing. Screwed and cunning Indra and his minions trapped him into the worm hole for eternality.  They cunningly distributed the nectar of life to the Gods. The poor humans never stood a chance, they were taught since childhood to obey whatever was fed to them, even if it was bad. The humans called it fate, the humans said they were not worthy. Of course, that’s why humans were made, unpaid slaves to do the dirty deeds of Gods. But when the Gods did the same to the demons, they retaliated. ‘Why would nectar of life be given to Gods only? Why should demons accept the

From a Fools Cap to a Smart Phone, the journey of a Note

The entire course of human history would be different if man had never learned to note down things. Many (mad) scientist believe that there is a coherent rivalry between pen and paper against the ideas. There is 72% possibility of not finding a pen and paper for 83% of the ideas. Which is surprising. Human race since ages has been looking for the solution of single most problem that has been lingering around our society, how do I organize my thoughts, my memories, my world in my palm so that I can live a amazing life without being teetered to one spot. It all started when billions of years earlier when Mr. Stone was on a killing spree, he killed a deer for the first time in his life and wanted to show it to his son. Sadly, the son was (as usual) playing on his Handy Abacus and not paying attention to the father. When he finally turned around to listen to his father, he could not believe it. 'Pah, you get a deer for 70 gold stones, Dod,' (It should be noted that in those day