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Goodbye, Cruel World

You never listened to me. You always ignored me, why why? all I wanted to become was a good person, a good son, a good friend and a good husband. But you world, you always labeled me, you called me an idiot, you called me duffer. You compared me with others called them more brilliant than me. YOU world, are to be blamed for this. Good bye, cruel world. He pressed the remote control detonator and boom, planet earth was shattered to pieces.

Short Story: Eklavya

‘Where are you taking me?’ shouted the man on the passenger seat. ‘Enjoy your ride,’ the driver smirked, a thick bullet proof wall separated them from each other, ‘You may never get another one for a long time.’ 36 hrs earlier. The mansion stood magnificently beachside in Mumbai. It was owned by a famous celebrity who made a millions in the recent movie release, but today his grandeur, his magnificence was covered under the color of khakhi. Police surrounded the place in z-security pattern to protect the famous personal. Just last night, the chief minister of Maharashtra was on television assuring the people, the city is safe, no assassin will be allowed to run around on the street of Mumbai shooting at free range. Of-course he underestimated Eshaan, the number one gun available freelance on the market. 100% assurance rate, never missed a shot in his lifetime. Currently walking across the juhu beach with a girl giggling walking along side. A plain informal short sleeves shirt,