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[Short Story] The Appointment

Seven bullets, seven dead. Trisha counted, did she miss anyone? She scratched her head to think back, she usually got carried away when firing a gun. Let me see, she did count eight when she entered, didn't she? This was Sleepy and here is Jackie, I think this was loopy and this blown up face was Happy... oh poor happy, he had a smile. She starting counting the dead bodies and matching them against the made-up names she had assigned. Yes, there were eight and the Big Bad Wolf is missing, init!!! she concluded. She stood up, brushed her long hair with both her hand. The hair-end looked a bit brittle, need to book an appointment for a Brazilian blow dry, she made a mental note. She loaded a new clip in her gun and cocked the hammer, well let's see, where is this big bad wolfie? She climbed up the stairs of the dance bar. Three girls were curled up in the corner huddling together. They wore skimpy clothes with a bright coloured blouse and matching churidar. Their dre

When your wife asks you if she is fat, is that a question or dharmasankat?

Sometimes in life, we are faced with problems much more difficult than the derivative equations in subject of Maths -3 of engineering (Yes, we have three subjects of Maths!!!). It took me three years to solve six of those problems, so when I say, more difficult than them, you get the idea. Consider this problem- you are walking in the mall, grudgingly ambling with your wife, still wondering at what point her purse climbed up on your shoulder, when she suddenly pops up the question, "Did you see her?" Now, you have seen 'her'. Every person in that mall has seen 'her'. She has painted her face for endless hours so that everyone will turn around and see her. Every man has seen wondering how lucky would someone be to be with her, every woman has seen her, wondering what does every man see her. And yet, the married man, in the infinite wisdom of surviving the marriage finds himself in the limbo of answering the question. There are two possible answer

[Short Story] Fasting for the husband

Authors note: The following story is a dark humor and not palatable for everyone. The story has an adult shades of gore and graphical description of violence, readers discretion is advised. All characters and places are fictional. If you are someone who is sensitive to these things, read something else. The first thing Sub-Inspector Pandey noticed when he entered the house of Gupta was that the wife was watching the repeat of the famous daily soap. It was middle of the night and the quiet neighborhood in Noida was disturbed by screams of a man, a few minutes back. Sub-Inspector Pandey was in a PCR van nearby and responded to the call. The wife was watching the television show without turning around, Sub-inspector Pandey hesitated at first and then observed, "Oh! So she finally wakes up," he said observing the daily soap, "That is really good. I really didn't like where the story was going and with the female lead in a coma for seven years, the stor

[Short Film] Andc's Drama Called Death

Aditya Singhal had given up on his life and was contemplating suicide. His feeble attempts to die are foiled by a mysterious stranger, who explains him the value of life and gives him sound advice for the real cost of life. Armed with the new courage Singhal returns to the living world, will the newfound courage help him climb up? Will Aditya Singhal return a transformed man? Starring: Shreya Rasam and Chaitanya Kabe Cast: Madhuri Jadhav and Kunal Patil Director, Editing, and Music: Chaitanya Kabe Screenplay: Siddhesh Kabe and Chaitanya Kabe Makeup: Supriya Cinematographer: Kiran Aparadh Associate and Production Controller: Subin Jacob This film is loosely based on the Short Story titled, ' Add a little drama to your death '. And again featured a manifestation of death. Dharma or Death appears in multiple times in my  multiverse  and you can read more stories about  Dharma here .

[Short Story] Nine Minutes to Paradise

Nine Bal'ur Badshah groaned as he sat in the sitting room of his ancestral house in Islamabad. He was getting bored of his confinement and wanted to step out. He was holed in this boarded bungalow as a house arrest. He craved fresh air. There was a time where he used to roam the streets of Islamabad like a tiger waiting to pounce, but those were simpler times and he was a simple silver smuggler. He did not get addicted to this new form of business- war. His connections and trade routes and logistic network that was built for the smuggling of silver, came in handy to supply and acquire ammunition. Things that could not be purchased on the radar, items that were not frequently available on the market. Not to mention, unlike silver, arms and ammunition were like drugs, once you have a customer, they would want more and more and more. He was happy to provide. But then as it happens, it was not always easy to acquire items without rustling few feathers and Bal'ur Badshah came in