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The many layers of stupidity

In general, the human race is entirely stupid, that much is clear since the beginning. Obviously, we believed in the fact that God has Human traits and we are given a clean chit to drill holes in the land we live in to burn the dark liquid that comes out for a fruitless efforts in going places in less time. For some reason, covering distance is important for us. Anyways, the point being, Human race is stupid, as a offspring of this race I do not pride myself of the stupidity of my ancestors but scientifically document the layers of stupidity of the human race in hope that someday there will be an alien invasion to remove us all of misery or worst, finally God will decide to step down to talk to those idiots who believed it was ok to steal a bike and confession for forgiveness. During that time, my catalogue of Human stupidity also refereed to as blog can be a book of judgement on which we kill people. Anyways, that's just a dream. Coming back to human stupidity. if there is som

The Mirage of Information Control

The problem with having an open mind is every person with a opinion feels it is his mandatory duty to come and put up a sign board in your mind of his ideologies. There are those who feel it it their birth right to tell me how wrong am I to say that Kasab deserves a free trial or how wrong am I to stop at a traffic signal at the dead of the night. Whatever the ideologies, I simply smile at them and put my hand on their shoulder. Its as simple as that. With the recent sad event of bomb blast in the city, people had a general opinion about one common thing. Some people said, it was Kasab birthday. Some said, the Government should start doing something for the state and to begin with Kasab. There were many, many forwards the social network took on the name as if Kasab was the epicenter of all the terror activities in the world. With the news storming around and the confusion about Kasab birthday, there was another little news let out by a high prolific leader he claimed RSS can

Why Janlokpal is a bad idea and why India needs it.

Whenever someone comes to me with the idea of signing the janlokpal bill, I pity at the person with such a sweet and innocent hope that one document is going to solve the problem haunting India for last 200 years and more. Yes well, I don't believe that janlokpal is going to solve the problem anymore than the reservation is actually going to help any stupid backward class person grow in life. When we look at the whole world in general, there are many skeptical views on janlokpal bill. True believers will go to extreme length forwarding emails to everyone asking them to sign some petition against the corrupt people. The skeptics will then go and ask questions like what will happen if the lokayukt is corrupt etc. etc. etc. Both these arguments as they amuse me, they also are a cry for help. People are frustrated about corruption and the way it is affecting the country and want to do something about it. People in initial stage of frustration are still having the hope that s

94% of the world is middlemen and they don't like to see the middle finger

The world in its broad diversity and superb ethnicity can be roughly classified into three categories.  The creators formed of scientist, engineers, film producers, bus drivers, writers, poets and then we have some normal people who use these services, like commuters, movie goers, normal people etc and then there are some lawyers, marriage bureau and other people who are some how standing in the middle of everything. There was no need for the aunty to meddle in my affairs but as the carrier of torch for the entire middle man community she opened her mouth in my front, "I saw you that day," she said, "you were with the girl..." "I am with many girls, be specific who?" I quipped. "She was wearing provocative dress and you were doing something unthinkable near the mall," she quipped. Now, this was a serious allegation, I ordered my brain to open the archives of memories and scan the list of girls I was with in the mall. Obviously, the list w

Dupatta: The anomaly of being Indian

The universe is infinite and growing both ways, if we combine the stupidity of people together on the entire timeline, past, present and the future… we will find it very shameful to even exist. The existence of entire populace lies on a simple assumption that someday they will meet the maker and hope that the thing they believed their entire life is actually true. Thin chance there. The society is changing, day in and out we find our-self confronted with the inevitable. The cases of rapes, honor killing, dowry deaths is on the rise. People nowadays blame the social media and television for increase of these issue, however one tends to ignore the fact social media actually bubbles up the small incidents. The bile on the private part of a person to a gruesome horrible family incident, both see the light of the day on Social channels. When such news  hit the media, the world divides itself in two groups, the rationalist and the feminist.  The rationalist believe that if woman wear appro