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Get ready for the Journey of Epic Proportion

It's been a year of gruesome writing . What started as a small short story for a blog, turned into a hailstorm and now is coming out as a novel. Get ready for contest, cover launch, teaser starting August and your chance to win goodies, signed copies and (if you really really plead) un-signed copies. Join me on the facebook page where most of the contest will take place. The social media links are available on the sidebar.

Understanding the 'Defination' of Internet Trolling

A recent controversial article by Chetan Bhagat tried to highlight a moot point of how the Bhakts (as the Narendra Modi supports are called on internet) are sexually frustrated, male egoist and are people with no proper English dialect (which might summarize the last three characters in his books or any Bollywood film for that matter). But while his observations are completely without any research (as are his flat stories or half-cooked Bollywood plot boilers) the main purpose of this article to set the record straight. Lets look at the facts without any masala added to it. Since the dawn of internet there were trolls who loved to seek attention. They first started email marketing sending countless emails about the exclusive offer they had. But as technology grew closer we brought all sorts of people together and with them we brought these trolls near us. This is a global phenomena and not limited to India. A definition of an internet troll by Wikipedia is as follows In Internet sla

Tooth Raider: The Calcium of Teeth

"Don't be afraid, there is nothing to worry," usually when you hear these words from a pretty lady you are glad. Especially when she wears Chanel perfume, especially when she has the perfect smile, especially when she can challenge Galadriel (The white lady from Lord of the Rings) in beauty department but still I am not convinced. Mostly because she said those words while holding a drill near my mouth. The story doesn't begin here and it doesn't end with me waking up from a nightmare (I hate when stories end that way).  A few days ago something moved in my mouth. The mouth inspector, tongue, sent a distress signal up to the head office. Turns out the thing that moved was a broken fragment of a tooth. Some calcium smuggling germ ring had camped on my tooth and were busy mining for the precious mineral. Turns out they wanted to reach the roots. The thing about tooth disease is, no one wants to go to a dentist immediately. Mouth is the one organ we cannot se