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Pinch Boxing

"Whatcha doing?" I asked her as she stood in a questionable position in the jogger's park, early morning. How early? Even the slum dwellers had not come out on the streets for their morning potty. 'I am practising a new form of defence,' she replied peacefully. 'Defense, that is interesting. Some trouble?' I quizzed. 'I met my old friends today over lunch then we went shopping, and in the evening we took coffee at CCD,' she started. 'So we were discussing relationships, she was telling how she has screwed her life and how practical she has become after her first breakup I haven't told anyone about my boyfriend, but it made me think of how foolish and stupid I am...' About time, don't you think? '..and how I am not doing anything about it, also they told me that I have lost a lot of weight, which is sad because people keep asking if I am sick or something...' Uh oh, is there an emergency exit around?

[Short Story] Faster than the Speed of Death

"I thought I was in hell already, what can be worst than this? - Is this the right question to ask while being chased by a bunch of angry tribal warriors?" he asked himself as he pushed through the dense trees, "Stress on 'angry' and super stress on 'tribal'. Their spears are laced with poison that can kill a fat rhino in a shot," he reminded himself, "The fat rhino for lunch was tasty by the way." He was called 'The runner' by anyone unfortunate to know him. Not because the Runner was running from almost every police department in the world. Also not because he had spent most of his life running from the situation. He was a messenger and was very expensive and very exclusive. His clientele included people who had 'few' disagreement with the general law. He delivered goods, messages and items to any location possible with one quality that the regular courier service never offered, no paperwork. It was also one of th

[Short Film] The Appointment

Some stories have no moral- this one has no heart. On the crossroads of destiny, two titans meet, Trisha has an Appointment to keep. Starring: Shreya Rasam and Chaitanya Kabe Cast: Madhuri Jadhav and Kunal Patil Director, Editing, and Music: Chaitanya Kabe Screenplay: Siddhesh Kabe and Chaitanya Kabe Makeup: Supriya Cinematographer: Kiran Aparadh Associate and Production Controller: Subin Jacob This film is loosely based on the Short Story titled, ' Add a little drama to your death '. And again featured a manifestation of death. Dharma or Death appears in multiple times in my  multiverse  and you can read more stories about  Dharma here .