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[Funny Story] The Sleeping Beauty Story

There she was single, happy and fine in her simple house in a simple city away from the worrying of the traditional family values. She ran away from Haryana, from the horrible traditional join family to explore the world. Half way through she realized she didn’t have money to even reach Nizamuddin station of new Delhi, but that would not stop her. She hitched rides, took lifts and scrambled on the streets on Mumbai with only a torn sleeve, only that got caught in a nail on the way. Mumbai, the city of freedom, she thought, away from the house, away from the family. The family had only one ambition, marry her off to some ‘mucchad’ (man with mustache) and expect her to chose in 10 minutes. But she choose freedom and flew to mumbai to pursue the dream to become a fashion designer. 3 years and she established herself in the city, bickering over phone with her mother on freedom and marriage and what not. The bickering continued until one day I slammed the phone on my parents forever.

The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back

'Dude there is some problem with my kaamputer...' this single line heard have given me shivers more than I could think of. The problem on any kaamputer can range from the computer still running on windows 98 (yes 98, yup... I know. ) to the effect of making easy money by winning lotteries on the internet to some shady software from Godknowswhere installed on the machine. Computers are like Gods; lots of rules and no mercy and their entire mercy is spent on people who do not understand computers and still find it hip and cool to posses one. 'It seems there is some sort of virus in the computer,' he said one day agitated. 'Did you install a anti-virus software?' I asked, knowing the answer was known. 'Erm no, do you have any pirated one?' he asked. 'Go to hell, I don't do illegal stuff...' I replied politely. 'You are so useless, whats the use of sitting on the internet for all the time, if you don't have softwares. See the so-a

The difference between Rape, Sex and Love

I was just rummaging through TV channels looking for some entertainment (obviously, I had not known the horrors of Indian television and obviously, now that I know, I won’t repeat it again) when I landed on a channel which showed some bizarre Bollywood movie (don’t ask me which, I am not yet subjected to such Bizarreness, crap, I don’t even know how to know which movie it was) which was portraying a court case of a rape victim. The verdict went on something like this, from the bits that I picked up, the man that had raped her stood shamelessly in front of the girl, while the girl hung her head low in shame opposite to him. Apart from bad acting, one other thing I noticed was grossly mis-interpreted version of a court case of a rape victim. I am not familiar with the legal proceedings, but my question is, rape is the fundamental aggregation on the soul of the woman. Can you penalize the guilty? Can the person who committed the horrible crime be punished enough for the tr

The Surgical Strike

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Its a curse on humanity entirely that one letter can make a hero into a villain. Also, the notion of hero and villain entirely depends on which side of law are you standing. I think finally it was the O that made the entire different, O was chasing O which O was hunting O. One was chosen by masses, other emerged from and collected masses. Both brilliant orators, one the leader of largest and the most violentic group, other a leader of the largest and deadliest group. Both planned, one against other, and both for the greater good. One cannot live while the other survives, one cannot survive while the other dies. To choose the hero and villain, you just need a little perspective. The bullets firing around the compound, helicopters circling. How I wish it was my neighborhood, sadly it wasn't. Not that there is any terrorist living there, this is India, terrorist eat chicken biryani in jail and not my neighborhood. But no, I was talking about my neighbor. Mr. Sama, this man is one

Of Baba's, Business and Bakwass!!!

Did you hear the story of the foreign atheist who once landed in India and after staying here for few days, immediately walked into the church to pray? When asked him what did he see in India, he replied, 'This is a country of 1200 million. No one has the slightest interest of improving it, developing it or even correcting it. They are divided on every issue in the country and every state you walk on has a different story. No one has a slightest idea what is happening in the 7 states in the country and every department has come up with a scam. Yet, this country has become the 5th largest economy in the world. Now, isn't that enough proof that God exists?' India is all that, every third person you bump on the road is a Godmen, reincarnation of a Godman or worst, God himself. The other two are his followers. Usually, I am an agnostic, its not that I do not or do believe in God, it is just that I don't care. I do what I want to do and let God do what he wants to do. But