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Short Story: Terrorist

Republishing this story to pay Homage to 26/11. This was written on the day of trial of Kasab. If you have not read it before, hope you enjoy it, if you have read it before, hope you understand it. Foreword: I am writing a Short Story after a long time, it is based on the backdrop of 26/11 and the events that follow. Hope you like it. H is forehead was completely covered in sweat  as he sat in the court clutching the collar of his cape.  The cold metal of the gun touched his chest inside the cape, sending a spine chilling shiver in his body.   The last three weeks where the most difficult in his life. No, getting the gun was not hard, he got one local, hand made gun illegally and cheap too. But the real task started after getting the gun. Learning to use it was harder than he had thought, his thumb pained of the mark the recoil of the gun had caused. But the pain was nothing. God knows he had to do it, there was no other way. He could see it clearly now.  He was following up