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[Short Story] मृत्यापेक्षा जलद.

When Netherlands Marathi Mandal said they were keen to publish a Marathi Story in their 2016 Diwali Special, it was an honor. Having never written a Marathi story before, it did pose a challenge to reinvent me. Marathi was one of the first languages I read into, it is the language that I think in.Writing in a Diwali special is a big honor itself, as Diwali Special or Diwali Ank as we call them are an integral part of Marathi culture. This is a surrealistic experience of our favotire Runner who as always is keen to run.  Presenting before you, my first story in Marathi-

मृत्यापेक्षाजलद.एकगंमतअशीआहेकि, आयुष्यकितीमूल्यवानआहेह्याचाप्रत्ययसर्वांनातेसंपायच्याकाहीक्षणाआधीचयेतो. पणआपणकितीसंकटातआहेह्याचाप्रत्ययआलाकिआताकितीआयुष्यराहिलेह्याचाआभासहोतो - असेफालतूविचारनेमेकेधावतानाचकायेतात, हा