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Top 10 reasons why you shouldn't buy Samsung Galaxy Tab

As I was crawling the Indivine, I realized that many people are telling the world why you should buy the Samsung galaxy tab and I said, hey what the hell, how many times has someone listened to what you say? In-fact, if I get a penny for every time I ask a person to go jump, i'll be richer than the richest man on earth. So the point is, people don't listen. India is a democratic country and people who don't want to buy a Galaxy Tab also exist, we do respect the minorities don't we? This story is about those who don't want to buy a Galaxy Tab. So let me get to the point and tell you top ten reasons why you shouldn't buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 1. You still believe that computer should be kept in one corner and there will be a dedicated time to use it. Because Samsung Galaxy Tab does everything a computer does, except sits in the corner. It moves with you wherever you go in business meetings, with you everywhere. 2. You like bonding with people while

Can the real patriotic Indian stand up?

Patriotism is the notion that you are suppose to do something for the place you are born in with some presumption that the place you are born in is the best, irrespective of what stats indicate. The concept of Indian patriotism begins with standing up at the different versions of national anthem as the movie theaters compete with each other and extends with every passing year saluting the national flag on television. It also comes to light everytime there the cricket team comes to play and  Ironically very few people cheer for the hockey team, which for some reason, is the national sports. Obviously every Indian of every caste and religion will get angry when you talk bad about the country. If you ask who is the most patriotic, most of us will agree the armed forces are amazing for sacrificing their lives for us. Then, if we are talking about arm forces we should also talk about the Indian police service, they also carry a gun and their lives for nation. But then what abou

[Independence Day Special][Short Story] Pis-Aller

“He that studieth revenge keepeth his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well”-John Milton He was in his nineties now, slow, fragile and nearing death. Still everyday he used to wake up at 6 in the morning and stare outside the window, blankly. They say in his younger days he was more agile, strong and quick, no one knew what he did in his young days, but he did retire rich at the age of 55. His only son used to visit the old rooms twice a day, ‘Baba, I request you again, come with us in the big house. What is there in this dump?’ his son used to question. ‘I have lived my entire life in this small house, I can’t leave now, there is one final task left son,’ he used to smile, ‘One final task.’ He had sent all the furniture from the room to the new house, but kept himself a bed and the jewel beaded box. ‘The box has not been removed under the diwan since last 20 years, baba,’ the daughter-in-law use to question, ‘Don’t let the servants, but please let

There is a 27% Aarakshan (Reservation) for intelligent thoughts in the Brain. Most of it goes vacant.

Reservation is a funny thing, everyone wants it, everyone fights for it and after standing in the line for 2 hours to get the caste certificate, after proudly getting admission in the most premiere college in the state for 10% less than cutoff and after carrying the responsibility of 300 years of misery and slavery of the entire tribe, the candidate walks the shallow halls of a professional college, only to realize, he was hoodwinked. His entire caste told him this was the path to success, the sure-shot way in which the upper caste earned money but here, there is nothing. Nothing at all, shallow halls that remind him that he was nothing compared to everything in place. When it comes to earning the right, there was no caste system. Everyone was and is miserable. The upper caste remained upper because the lower caste never thought otherwise and now 300 years later when he got the chance to make it right, he realizes it is a long way to go because the essentials of why the upper cla