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A complete guide to make a Bollywood style Hollywood Movie

For many people, he was the God of cinema, a director, a storyteller and an academy award winner. But for many years his stories didn't click with the audience. The world was changing, he observed to himself in private, and this new generation of millennials was not interested in his stories anymore. He heaved a sigh of relief as his hands rested on the wooden table. He craned his neck to look around, what is this place? He wondered again. Did he expect to travel all the way to India at the age of seventy? He had heard of this place, who didn't? Everybody knew what the 'Double Shots' bar was. A homogeneous bar for the who-who of the industry, useful for networking and getting things done. Where else would you get the hand-rolled Cuban cigars in the crowded lanes of Delhi? He wondered as he leaned in on the high-chair and let out a puff contributing his bit to the smog filling the streets. His agent, an old friend, had called him late night and informed him about t

[Short Story] मृत्यापेक्षा जलद.

When Netherlands Marathi Mandal said they were keen to publish a Marathi Story in their 2016 Diwali Special, it was an honor. Having never written a Marathi story before, it did pose a challenge to reinvent me. Marathi was one of the first languages I read into, it is the language that I think in.Writing in a Diwali special is a big honor itself, as Diwali Special or Diwali Ank as we call them are an integral part of Marathi culture. This is a surrealistic experience of our favotire Runner who as always is keen to run.  Presenting before you, my first story in Marathi- मृत्यापेक्षा जलद .     एक गंमत अशी आहे कि , आयुष्य किती मूल्यवान आहे ह्याचा प्रत्यय सर्वांना ते संपायच्या काही क्षणा आधीच येतो . पण आपण किती संकटात आहे ह्याचा प्रत्यय आला कि आता किती आयुष्य राहिले ह्याचा आभास होतो - असे फालतू विचार नेमेके धावतानाच का येतात , हा प्रश्न त्याला पडला . मुळात एका डोंगराच्या उतारावरून स्वतःचा जीव वाचवत , भयंकर आणि क्रूर विशां