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3 Things About 'Ravan' You Were Always Confused About

There is a discussion on the role of Ravan and Duryodhana and their role in the giant epic of Ramayana and Mahabharata. I have also adopted the pen name as 'The Ravan' and naturally people assume I am part of the group that believes Ravan was wrongly defeated. A common argument on Ravan goes, 'Ravan was the best king of the region and Ram attacked him over his wife,' or another one, 'Duryodhana was denied what he deserved, he was tricked into defeat by Krishna'. If you are one of the people described thus, this is a post for you. Well there is no nice way of saying this but, ' What have you been smoking? ' while it is completely understandable for younger generation to question their roots, the best option to clear any doubts you have is to read. There are countless books written on this topic and only when you read a couple of them you come to the true meaning of the books. The thing about Hinduism is that it has got many layers and once you start

The End Is here!!!!

Cross posting from my other blog Halleluah!!!! Three years of writing effort, 80,000 words. First edit, 79,000 words (Doesn't seem a lot but trust me it is) Second edit, 67,000 words (Phew and getting rid of one of a nice piece which had dinosour in it. **Sulk**) And finally typing the two words that would perhaps make sense of it all. -- The End -- But then if only things were as simple in that crazy brain of mine, no they were not. So here is what I ended writing THE WORLD WAS NORMAL OR AS NORMAL AS IT POSSIBLY COULD BE. THIS WOULD BE THE TIME TO QUOTE A ‘THE END’ ON A BOOK BUT THEN IS IT? FOR WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT DON’T WE?   TIME, AS THEY SAY, IS A FUNNY THING. IT WANTS US TO BELIEVE IT MOVES FORWARD BUT SNEAKILY MOVES IN ALL DIRECTIONS.   F INALLY, IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THE ENDING, IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT THE JOURNEY. Is the end, perhaps not. But a three year effort is laudable. During these three years I.. Got married Moved city twice Went into a wri

Mahabharata Personality Types

Did a Tweetathon on #MahabharatPersonalityTypes, these are people who live in todays world but act and behave like Mahabharata characters. What more personlity types do you want to see? Mention in comments below. [ View the story "Mahabharat Personality Types" on Storify ]

Chapter 16th: Capital Crime

This is the 16th part of a story written by Team Supernova. I hate people who walk into a movie hall during climax, this is not where this story begins. Go read the previous chapter here . If you have missed a lot, go back all the way to starting following the links on the blog. Chapter 16th: Capital Crime Tara had acted swiftly after she had subdued the guards. Both of them were tied safely with the curtain ropes in their bathroom. She had secured Roohi room and dismantles the guards gun. Why was Sarkar in Lonavala? She wondered, this safe house was her and her alone, but now Sarkar knew this place. It would not be very safe to stay here for a long time. She decided to pack and make a run for it. But if Shekhar escapes them he will make way to this safe house and walk into the trap as she did. Time was of essense and she decided to leave Shekhar a coded message about her whereabouts and a little surprise for her captives when they return. And indeed in few minutes she sa

Chapter 6: Air-lift

This won't make any sense until you go read the previous chapter here . It still won't make sense there, follow the link back to the first post by team Supernova and read it from there. The most obvious question that was missing in this otherwise ridiculous day was asked by the most ignored person so far. Move over hijacking, move over helicopters, move over everything else but the most important question that remained hanging in the air was, Should she finish her homework for tomorrow or should she watch doremon? Roohi was trying to decide what would be suitable. Today couldn't get any funnier could it? First that uncle came to pick her up in school. She knew him didn't she? Yes she did, she had seen him before, Ravi Uncle had come to their house in Lonavala, didn't he? He even called her by name. Why did watchmen uncle had to stop that uncle, Roohi didn't understand at all. Ravi uncle was going to give her ice cream. Helicopter ride was really fun,