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When God bleeds, sharks gather.

According to the blog in Washington post, racism in India is very prevalent. You can see the blood red colored India very prominent on the map . This story was just mentioned as a passing remark over a coffee table with a smirk, 'Yeah its India, no one cares about race, but they do care about is caste'. It is extremely true about caste system prevalent in India even after almost fifty years of Independence. People still considered other people from schedule tribes and caste as dirty or disgusting. Reservations in education, jobs and by some unconfirmed election butter promotions, has added more to this feud. The number of people who hate other people based on their caste has definitely increased ten fold in the last fifty years. Earlier it was based on some ambiguous religious text, now it is based on medical seat availability. In a normal world any political party getting riddled in scandals popping up faster than rabbits can make babies, will lose the local elections b