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The Simple Joys of Stupidity

When it comes to stupidity, I have one single rule, just because someone is stupid doesn't mean you kill him. Every person has a right to live, but that doesn't make them wiser. There I was in Noida, trying to face the scorching heat of the summer and also avoiding multiple times of bath taking when I got the call for a job interview. "The interview location is at Gurgaon," she warned, "Monday morning at 2 o' Clock. The panelist would be there, don't be late." Now, given the condition that this was a chance to leave noida forever and move back to my home ground, how dare could I be late. I cleaned myself as well as I could in the hard water of Noida and ran off to the interview. I should add here is this was the Delhi before common wealth games and Metro had come for the first time in Noida. The closest stop of metro was very far away from my place and I had to take a share auto (also called Garud in Delhi). So, here I was, trying to preven

The Planet of HandItnus

What actually made him leave the comfort zone he could not tell, he could not even tell when he left the ozone layer. The thing is Rajan left planet earth once and for all. How he left it was a different matter altogether, it had something to do with getting a box of donuts to certain people at NASA and a box of chocolate chip at the pentagon to approve a interstellar flight. The thing is, he did it. Today, 467,700 trillion light years away he felt like it was just yesterday he left planet earth. Which in-fact was actually true. That's what his digital wrist watch told him, only one day had passed since he crossed the asteroid belt between mars and Jupiter (It has to do with some complex time-space continuum maths, I am not the right person to tell you what it is) But anyways, the journey to planet Handltnus was boring, it was not at all as interesting as those space sci fi movies showed them. The intergalaxy national highway was cleaned and neatly paved with ether for s

Naked and hungry patriotic people are popular in India!!!

Gone are the days when people (read: some model no one knew about) used to take a vow of stripping down to bare basics for the sake of the country. Now a new air of patriotism has hit the market, going on fast till your demands are met. People under the delusion that in a country of 30% people sleeping hungry at night actually care about their determination. Obviously media needs fodder and a godman, abandoning his daily fruits and milk for the greater good of the nation, is fulfilling their need. Obviously this is not as powerful news as a godman in a sex scandal or godman in a murder case (Godmen do come in news for all wrong reasons no?) but it's ok. Its not always that a celebrity buys a ak 47 no? Such things happen once a bluemoon, so anyways the news is hot a godman flew, yup flew, in a copter to Delhi to sit on a fast for.... Err... What is he fasting for? Anyways, coming back to stripping for patriotism, I figured it would be more effective for at least we would be expo


Planning-kand Mr. Ram had an urgent requirement of building a bridge and he immediately needed resources and a ODC to setup. He came off-shore to a outsourcing company who project manager, Sugriva. Initial deal was struck and they agreed on the band of monkeys to fulfill the requirement. Requirement-kand Sugriva also assigned Hanuman, the team lead for quicker completion of the project. The business analyst Angada finally managed to capture the exact location from where the bridge would start offshore, but to complete the bridge they needed to determine the distance between on-site and offshore. He noted down the requirements and handed it over to the team lead, Hanuman. Hanuman consulted with his client Ram and Ram decided to send him onsite, to gather other requirements from there. And hence, Hanuman flew on-site. On the on-site he duly gathered the requirements, one by one. He observed that Lady Sita was kept in Ashoka Van, the forest. But his stealth was identified and to c