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Top 10 possible reason Bangalore did not go out for Vote

According to certain media reports (do not know if these are paid or unpaid) only 56% of Bangaloreans voted yesterday. Using my super secret research team of ninjas, I set out the real reason why bangalore did not vote. My team of ninjas surveyed every part of bangalore in such a secrecy that no one came to know about it. Enlisting the top ten reasons why bangaloreans missed voting yesterday. 1. It was not a holiday in America. 2. They avoided traffic jam towards pooling booth. 3. Polling booth was far away from Infosys office 4. Polling booth was not inside forum mall. 5. There was no home delivery service. 6. The polling booth didn't have AC. Mall did. 7. Election timing clashed with gym appointment. 8. They had very urgent work in office. Manager promised pizza. 9. Last night's Biryani was too spicy. 10. Finally a four days long weekend, time to catch up on sleep that was missed. There you go. If you live under the rock and have woken up just

[Mythological][Fantasy][Short Story] Guide of Death

The only truth in the universe is death. Extinction. Annihilation. In a highly fluid environment one must be prepared for change, extinction is the natures way of telling that land must be cleared for a new species to dominate. Nature is governed by a single law, Adapt or perish. This holds true for a single individual, species, society or even a reality. Thus when Dinosaurs had fulfilled their time on earth, a meteoroid shower conveniently wiped them of their existence. The universe threw me into the liquid reality without any life support.... sink or swim, in the ancient prison of Kaladunga. I did, what I always do best, I survived. I was born in the dark cellar on the dungeon on the island of Kaladunga, and my childhood was spend getting whipped by the prison master for the sins I never committed. For six years, after I learned to talk, I kept asking, what have I done? is being born a sin? The old priest used to visit the prison trying to teach me religion. I kept asking hi