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Maid in India

It was one of those weeks in my house when my partner and I were too lazed out to go grocery shopping. Every passing day the number of onions, and tomatoes started depleting and we were slowly entering the dark era. Our maid gave a constant reminder of the upcoming apocalypse but since it was morning 7:30, a time before we normally wake up, all those warnings fell on deaf ears, nay on sleepy deaf ears. Finally, one fine day making a very inaudible noise she walked towards us and declared that the end of the world was here and she could not cook anything. At that precise moment, my mind went into a self-doubt mode on exactly who was the employee and who was the employee. But this was not the first time my mind went into the overdrive of self-doubt. A few weeks back, when my wife had gone to her native, our doorbell rang horribly five to six times, disturbing my sweet dreams of world domination. The people had almost started worshipping me in my dream when the doorbell kicked me ou

Top ten reasons why you probably got married in India

All over the world, marriage is the holy union of two people who choose each other with mutual consent and decide to spend the entire life together. India, as with many other social norms, begs to differ in the definition. Tweet: Marriage is the horrible combination of Government, God and honeymoon packages. The following are the top ten reasons why people get married in India, and no love doesn't come in this list. 1. The 'marriageable' age is passing or has passed. There is a wide range of what is supposed to be a marriageable age. It could vary from 18 to 30 depending on who you believe in. 2. The sons of Mr. XYZ has got married recently in lavish ceremony Incidentally you were told the exact amount of insane money spend my the new daugther-in-law family to the last paise. 3. You are growing bald, fat or worst dark!!! Yep, you are physically deforming into a monster, apparently. 4. You are leaving out of city, state or country