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Short Story: Incomplete Desire

Disclaimer: Readers please be wary, the story written below has textual description of violence. Not at all suitable for weak minds, pregnant woman and heart patient. If you choose to read it, please be sure you do it on your own risk. As I walked outside the clinic a cold and stark fear gripped me. A chill went down my spine. The positive reports in my hand showed a disaster. I did not want a baby, not now, not like this. All my life I had the incomplete desire. I had to fulfill it before the baby. How could this happen? Of course he was trying for a long time and I knew it would be sooner or later. But now, that this is happening, am I ready for this? The key in the ignition is now telling me something, yes, this has to be done. Shall I drive to my mothers? I am not sure, maybe I have to. I don't have anyone accept her in this world now. I think I should go there. What will my husband think, when I don't return in the evening? What will be my answer to him?

Double Shots

A horrible combination of alcohol, Bollywood and Hollywood. He gulped the complete pint of whiskey in one gulp, ‘Come again? You… are the producer?’ he said. ‘Yeah man, I give you money,’ said the producer, ‘I want you to direct my film. Its actually remake of your Hollywood flick we have made a little modification’ ‘Ok, run me over the script once more,’ the director turned towards the writer. ‘So actually we have this wonderful script, never seen before on Indian theatres. It has all the shades of drama, action, Sci Fi, romance…’ ‘You said drama and action?’ the director asked taking one more pint of Whisky. ‘Yes sir, that is how we make the movies in India,’ the writer proudly boasted. ‘Interesting concept, run me through the script,’ the director said. ‘You know we have signed Superb Khan in this film,’ said the producer, ‘He has given us the dates for next two months.’ The director splat the mouthful of beer on the face, ‘Two months? that’s it?’ ‘Yes, gettin