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Lessons learnt from a Year of Writing

The past year was something of a golden period for writing for me. For those who came in late (or not following me on  Facebook page ), I had a big writing year.  I finished the most epic science fiction book this year titled Ragnarok . The book will be released this August or September. A graphic novel titled  Agatya is set to release immediately after that. Agatya is a book about the last line of defence between Heaven and Hell. That's two fictional releases back to back. There is one more technical book coming out soon (no release planned). And finally a short film based on a Short Story from this blog. (Read  Original Ginger Chai  if you are in that sort of thing) I am writing a lot in the past year and that was a shameless marketing plug for my  Facebook page . With all these books and releases I had a big writing year behind me since last May. I was writing and editing most of the time. And as with any normal human experience, you learn things. Here are some of things I l