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Limericks Poem: the little genius

Once upon a time in a land far far away, was a village where twins Chinki and Minki used to play. Chinki was smart, Chinki studied well. Minki was brave, and Minki learned well. Chinki is a genius her father used to say.

But you are an Indian...

Hen:"You don't eat with your hands?" Me: "No..." getting busy with my food using spoon and fork. Hen: "But you are an Indian, why don't you eat with your hands?" Me: "What?" Hen: "Oh c'mon its obvious, I know you Indians eat food with your own hands chicken curry tikka masala."


Traffic Millions thoughts raced in his head as he stared at the red light. Each thought more dangerous than the next. In two continuous seconds he considered committing suicide and then contemplated murdering his boss in next instant. As the light stared at him, he thought back on his life.  Just like the red it was not moving. Stagnant. Obviously he was promoted twice in the last two years but it only m eant more bosses to report to and more responsibility.