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[Fantasy Story] The Victory that was Lost

Now ‘I give up,’ he said silently, methodologically and calmly, ‘I give you this round, the fact that you have managed to penetrate my chakravyuva defense on this island, proves you are an intellectual capabilities are no less than mine, Agatya,’ Agatya breathed heavily as he looked at his arch enemy, the terror of the west, the criminal mastermind, Professor Omnivore, this was over? So easily?

Master of Backward Administration

Lets say hypothetically, you live on a illegal land mass without paying a single penny of tax to acquire it. Lets say hypothetically you use stolen electricity from the pillar to lighten up your house. Lets say you hog the water supply, pollute the atmosphere by going for toilets in the middle of the street without regard for the hygiene or society. Lets say you have no ambition, regards for the law and order of the city and then you hog the city footpaths for your business over which, obviously, you can't pay taxes or any money but will pay cops some money, in turn increasing corruption. So lets say you do this all, in any civilization across the galaxy, hypothetically, what would you expect in return? In some cultures you would be, hypothetically, killed brutally. Welcome to India, where doing any or all of the above gets you a 1 BHK flat, reservation in education system and also a good job assurance. Its not that bad if you look at it. I mean, most of these people do need