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A fresh start that went awry: Year 2013 in Review

Over the last decade every year that went by had its fair share of troubles. The entire decade of 2001 to 2010 was one bad news over another. The year 2010 was the pressure building up in the masses and for the better of humanity, 2012 blew up the lid. Was it because of the end of world scare or the hardship of the masses, 2011 was the year of revolt . 2012 was a celebrity year to begin with, having featured in many hollywood films and religious dogmas . When 2013 began, it had heavy expectations from everyone having followed the footsteps of celebrity and powerful predecessors. 2013 had a slow start to begin with. Of all the things, 2013 started on a Tuesday, which was the most confusing start a new year could ever have. The french military began intervention of the Northern Mali conflict in the month of Jan. The month also saw the beginning of a prolong India-Pakistan border conflicts. Nothing major happened in the month of January, except for the big part of my first birthday